New Sunday Parking Deck Rules

Beginning Sunday, August 7, 2010, a change in Sunday parking in all City Parking Decks will go into effect. The City of Frederick Parking Decks will offer free parking on Sundays from 8:00 AM until 2: 00 PM. At 2:00 PM the gates will be lowered and vehicles exiting after that time will need to pay $1.00. This change is being implemented as a result of the FY2011 Budget.

Source found via Jon-Mikel.


11 thoughts on “New Sunday Parking Deck Rules

  1. That has already changed. We were in the Church Street deck (behind Brewers Alley) this past Sunday, July 18th, and we had to pay $1 to get out. We drove in about 6:50 pm. I was pretty shocked to see it, especially after just having told the out of town friends I was with that the decks are free on Sunday. But I don’t mind. Compared to any other city, it’s a fantastic bargain! I believe in user fees – you use it, you pay for it.


  2. I had been taking the free Sunday classes at Anada Shala because the parking in the decks was free. I took a pay cut so my business can stay open. I don’t have that extra money anymore. I guess I won’t be going into Frederick much anymore.

    The free parking time meshes with the time churches are having their services. The free parking has meant that people stay down town and shop. I think this will change once businesses see the impact.


    • You know, parking on the streets in Frederick are free on Sunday. So, pull up to a spot on Market or on Patrick, Church, 2nd, 3rd, or even All Saints, and you can park all day. No time limit, no meters.


      • I have to agree. $1. You can’t get anything for $1. You can park for hours in the garage for that. Turn off the a/c for an hour a day. Use a little less water. Drive a couple of miles less per week. The City can charge $1 OR they can raise your property taxes, etc a whole lot more than that. I’ll pay the $1.


      • It may be a dollar. But take whatever you are used to getting paid every week and cut it in half. When you do that, you will find yourself watching every penny. A dollar to park here and a dollar to park there adds up quickly.

        And regardless of anything, the county and city will keep raising the taxes. And I do drive less. I actually am able to walk to work and do so. But I am lucky in that I can walk to work. But not everyone who has had their hours cut or having to do with less, can take that option.


  3. A note from a downtown resident, there are plenty of spots on side streets like church and 2nd down near East street. It’s a bit more of a walk, but nothing huge. Better luck there than finding something on Market and Patrick.


  4. A big problem with the meters/parking spaces on the streets are the overabundance of signs that mark out so many spaces as “No Parking” and/or have red meters. I realize that many of them are only No Parking during certain hours, usually early morning, but when you’re driving down the streets, being pushed along by traffic, you cannot stop to read every single one of those to see which are okay to park at and which aren’t. It’s very confusing, probably especially so to people new to town. As a result, many available spaces are left empty because people think they can’t use them. Another problem is the use of spaces by the employees and owners of the businesses. I see the very same cars parked on the streets all the time. I remember years ago when it was being suggested that the shoppers should park somewhere else and shuttle into town. I vehemently disagree with that. It’s the owners and employees who should park elsewhere and leave the spaces for paying customers. I’ve circled the blocks too many times unable to find a space, gave up, and went to the south side of town to shop. I doubt I’m alone in that.


  5. The owners and employees have to pay the meters to park and abide by the 2-hour limit. So even if they do park there, they have to move their car every 2 hours, which sounds like more of a hassle than it’s worth.

    I think only Patrick and Market have the red meters/random loading zone problems. The other streets are pretty easy to navigate in terms of parking spots.


  6. There are still three free parking lots in Everedy Square/Shab Row. We rarely park in the decks if the weather is nice enough to walk. As an added bonus, I can hit a few shops in Shab Row before heading to Market Street.


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