Spooky goings on at the Brunswick Railroad Museum

I love a good ghost story, especially when it takes place so close by. There was always strange noises in the old Brunswick Railroad Museum building, but things got really crazy when construction on a new elevator started.

Supplies were being moved around. Several elevator workers even claimed they saw a woman in a white dress walking around the second floor.

Employees reported feeling ” … uncomfortable being alone in the basement where the offices were moved after the elevator’s construction.”

Good and creepy. I hope the FNP does a follow up story on the results of the paranormal investigation that took place.


5 thoughts on “Spooky goings on at the Brunswick Railroad Museum

  1. Oooh, I also enjoy a good ghost story. This one’s pretty interesting, based on what the FNP article had to say. I’ll be keeping an eye out for any follow-up by the FNP, or some other report, on the paranormal investigation. (I always wonder why, when it’s a ghostly woman that’s seen, she’s always wearing a white dress. Why not, say, a blue dress…or, perhaps more appropriately, a black dress……Women spooks need more interesting wardrobes 🙂


    • Hmm… seems like these guys nearly always come up with “EVPs” (disembodied voices) in their investigations, so that’s not too surprising. However, it might begin to get interesting if they returned and managed to capture visible images at Brunswick! (Or at least spark discussion about Photoshop or how the images could have otherwise been faked !)


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