Even the pizza man has got it rough

A.H. sent in a tip (thanks!) that the J&P Pizza in Urbana closed up recently. He writes:

According to the note on the door they were forced to close shop due to unfair escalated rent from the landlord and failed negotiations. They mention also that they plan to open a new Urbana location in the next year and in the interim will offer a ten percent discount to people from the area at their spring ridge and mount airy establishments.

In semi-related news I noticed the Pizza Hut on Rosemont looked like it closed. Can anyone confirm that?


14 thoughts on “Even the pizza man has got it rough

  1. It looks to me like their doing some exterior work on the building. Maybe they’re doing the interior as well? At any rate, until they deliver I won’t be patronizing them. You can order on-line but you have to go get it. If I’m ordering on-line I’m expecting delivery. So Papa John’s gets all of our business now.


  2. I hope that’s true about reopening – what a loss for Urbana, they really needed the J&P, as there aren’t nearly enough restaurants there. I could always count on J&P for good food. Why on earth would the landlord up the rent in this day and age, when they are likely to struggle to find tenants to fill that spot?


  3. Sorry to hear the news. I’ve eaten at the J&P’s in Urbana 2 or 3 times and found the food more than decent and the ambiance a cut above that of the J&P’s in Damascus and Mt. Airy. I hope their new location in Urbana will be as nicely appointed. But I suspect the dining area will be smaller and more like the other J&P’s I mentioned.

    Noah, I don’t claim to have much business sense, but I also can’t understand why so many landlords around here keep upping the rent and looking for top dollar. Especially when it leads to extended vacancies.


  4. I called the Rosemont Pizzahut to make an order a few days back. The voice message said they were closed for interior innovation, but would reopen in a few days.


  5. Speaking of pizza, has anyone seen the coming soon banners at College Plaza? Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake Pizza, its first MD location.


      • Papa Murphy’s is awesome! I’m excited they’re opening. Their pizzas are delicious and your house just smells awesome when it’s baking fresh in the oven.

        It’s like a Subway for pizza. You get to pick all the toppings and then go home and have a freshly baked pie.


  6. In reference to the J&P closing; was in Hoolihans by FSK Mall last night and that seems to be where alot of the regular bar patrons have migrated too. It seemed to be quite busy in there last night which was great for the benefit for the Sgt. David J. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund Happy Hour. Hoolihans has agreed to donate 10% of the nights receipts towards this fund. (Hearing next weeks event is being held at Beef O’Brady’s)


  7. They also have an oven that they will bring to your office and bake pizza right where you are! Breakfast pizza…With cinnamon, butter, sugar, etc. Yummy! And fresh made salads to make a complete meal. Nice people own it too, even better.
    I hope they do well.


  8. Pizza Hut on Rosemont Ave has reopened. They have new appetizers, flat screen TVs and a whole new dining room. I went there a few days ago and it looked nice inside.


  9. As soon as they start delivering again, I’ll buy from them again. Not before. Papa John’s gets all of our business now because 1) they have an excellent on-line order system and 2) they deliver.


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