Outlaw Jam

Knock knock!  Is anybody home around here?  I’m so very sorry it’s been so quiet lately.  May has proved to be a very busy month for us but I wanted to let you know about an upcoming event at the Frederick Fairgrounds called Outlaw Jam.  Tickets for this event, which will be on Sunday, August 1st, went on sale on May8th.  Click here for ticket information.

For those of us of a certain age, the thought of being able to see the original surviving members of Bad Company is pretty exciting.  Truthfully, if tattoos were as popular for teens in the ’70’s as they are now, I’d probably have Bad Company tattooed on my body somewhere.  Along with Bad Company, the Outlaw Jam will also feature Blue Oyster Cult and a few other bands.  Click here for the complete line up.

Pretty impressive line-up for our fair city, don’t you think?


11 thoughts on “Outlaw Jam

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  2. I live in Whittier and I could hear the drum and bass beat from the fairgrounds! Inside my house! My son was in our basement (full concrete surround) and he could hear it. Can’t imagine what it must have been like to live any closer to it.


    • It’s sort of like having a loud party going on next door. It’s only fun to hear the booming bass and general racket if you’re there voluntarily in the middle of it–and having fun!


      • Exactly. Except we heard much more than bass. It felt like we were sitting in the fairground parking lot it was so loud and clear.


  3. I went by the fairgrounds in the early afternoon. There were hundred of motorcyclists and as many cars trying to get into the parking areas. It looked like Daytona Beach during bike week, except the bikers were grayer, balder, and fatter. The women too….


  4. It always amazes me that people move near fairgrounds, airports, highways and then do nothing but bitch about the noise…..and let me tell you I have seen some real cows with 2 legs up there in hicksville!! Get ready for Motley Crue………you thought bad company was bad……..just wait you haven’t seen Sh1T yet!!


    • I don’t live anywhere near the fairgrounds. Whittier is way up on the north west side of town near Ft. Detrick. I wasn’t complaining. I found it fascinating that I could hear the groups from this far away.


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