Museums, Civil War and a Question

On Saturday, a couple friends and I had a great time downtown, participating in Bell & History Days, the celebration of the opening of the museums in town.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know about this event in time to let you know about it, but it was a lot of fun, wandering around town and the museums all had free admission.  This event was a great opportunity to visit the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, a definite tourist destination in our city.

Speaking of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, I found this cool website for people who are looking for information on places to visit to study Civil War history in Frederick.

Northern and Southern armies passed through this interesting and still evocative city on their way to Antietam in 1862; and parts of the Union army went north through here on the way to Gettysburg in 1863. Confederate Gen. Jubal Early demanded (and got) a $200,000 ransom here before fighting near the Monocacy River just south. The influx of wounded to the city following the big battles makes it a natural location for the National Museum of Civil War Medicine listed below.

While roaming the streets of Frederick on Saturday, I noticed that the old location for Flowers by Jim at the corner of East St. and E. Patrick St. is being renovated and has an “Opening April 14th” sign on the window.  I looked in the windows and could see a lot of tables and chairs in there, but no indication of what it is going to be.  Does anyone have the scoop?  Here is a picture of the building.

By the way, Flowers by Jim is still in business.  I noticed they are now located further west on E. Patrick, in a store located down an alley behind the main businesses near the street.


14 thoughts on “Museums, Civil War and a Question

  1. I noticed the sign on the building too… wonder what it will be.

    Another shop on E. Patrick has a sign inside the space that says an “old time nostalgic candy” shop is opening soon. I wonder what that will be like!

    I like the new space Flowers by Jim is in, it’s very cool even if it is a little tucked away.


    • Thanks Marlene! Very cool. According to the description of the business, it’s

      A place to rest and quench your thirst while immersing into beautiful artworks of deaf/hard of hearing artists.


    • Hi you all – and, thanks Marlene for the introduction!!

      Yes – after a year worth of planning and set it down strategically, and it sure took much of energy and time. There still is some small details such as sign to be installed outside (I even took the original sign down, it was metal – and the current one was PAINTED upon plywood which I intended to keep) and planning for our first art gallery opening which is to be in May, occurs only 6 times a year (every 2 months).

      Loved that Flowers by Jim – Michelle, the owner – is awesome! She’s very creative with flowers – I’ve seen her work, even in the process. Loved her new place – neon pink color sure is an eye-catching, perfect for her “cove-like” shop.

      Most of the designs (the theme’s bird and branches) are done by one and only… as I’m a graphic designer by professional but it now has become a tool which comes greatly to an advantage. I get to design my own teacup/saucer, the wall decals, menu and so on.

      I know we have so much to do and eventually, just like getting a new home, you begin to fill it up. Right? It’s just like that with our establishment. Water it and it shall grow!!

      Hope this helps clear out a bit of smoke… thanks!


  2. Okay, so that last link didn’t work the way I thought it would. If you search for Shannon’s Tea House on Facebook, you’ll find it.


  3. In a pamphlet I received regarding the Bell & History Day, the City Hall promised to be open so that visitors can appreciate the murals and paintings. Apparently that was not the case.


  4. Wow, both of those sound wonderful! There’s a candy shop in a Chicago suburb (might be Geneva, but I don’t remember for sure) that sells the candies and gums from the 50’s and 60’s (mostly) and it’s such fun. You can get them on some websites, too. But how much MORE fun to be able to buy them right here! Chic-O-Stix! Mary Janes! Squirrel Nut Zippers! Black Jack gum! So many more! And then f0llow that with a quiet time of tea and art……superb.


    • Remember Zotz? I can still get them and SO CAN YOU!! Go to Zoe’s Chocolates on Market Street and get the real thing!
      Still full of Pow just like whenI was a kid…Love ’em!


  5. Yes, indeed, it was a fun day downtown. BUT: I really would have liked to see the participating locations open on Sunday as well. After perusing the Bell and History Days flyer, there were a bunch of places that would have been cool to check out. Unfortunately, one day was not enough time to really enjoy all that there was to offer. Maybe someone could mention it to the coordinators of the event?


  6. @James – just ate at Cracker Barrel and they carry Teaberry gum at the checkout registers.

    @Shannon – congratulations and good luck in your new endeavor. plan on stopping by soon.


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