Frederick State Of Mind

Posted without comment and sent to me via email from multiple peoples.


29 thoughts on “Frederick State Of Mind

  1. Too bad for the profanity they felt they had to put in there – but other than that, loved the photos of the area. I would have loved to send it on to friends and family that have never been here, but I won’t because of the profanity.


  2. It’s ok, but like others, why is this person obsessed with giving people the finger? Kind of juvenile. I think it ruins the overall effect of the video and song.


    • I guess the makers of the video wanted to inject a little irreverence. Something that may be perceived by the next viewer as juvenile, or the next viewer as offensive, depending on your point of reference. I personally found it humorous.


  3. Why would anyone take all that time and effort into making that little video and then ruin it with the flip of a finger — repeatedly??? It just doesn’t make sense. i’m in agreement. i would have loved to have sent it to friends but definitely will not now…and i am anxious for the “G” version to arrive. i’ll actually be surprised if this video gets to stay here in its present condition.


    • i didn’t think it was a tourist video, but i also didn’t find it funny. Seems to me they could have found a more clever and creative way of getting the “funny” part across. How many times do you laugh when someone gives you the finger? Just curious.


    • Exactly. Lighten up people. The requests to change someone’s art is more offensive to me than an F word could be in any context. Or a stupid finger.


  4. Yeah I thought it was great besides all the profanity and the finger going up throughout. Thanks for sharing the toursity video lizfrog! 🙂


  5. Hilarious!

    But I won’t forward it on to any friends because there isn’t enough profanity. I’ll wait for the XXX version to come out.


  6. We need one that has elements of both videos – without the profanity. It would be a wonderful thing to send around to show off our city.


  7. I guess you can never please everyone.

    Would I show the first video to my young kids? No. Would I forward it to my great-grandma? Probably not. But can I acknowledge that I, as a member of the target audience find it amusing? I can, and I do!


  8. We need to get Andy Samberg to rap in our video (“our” meaning the one that gypsy suggested). It would be legendary.

    I can see the intro shot now, “From the man that brought you On a Boat…”


  9. it wasnt meant to be taken seriously as you can tell by their cheap attempt at humore. trying to praise a place yet dis whole sections of it? just children thinking they are humorus. but typical of what i expect from frederick. most people dont mature until they leave there. and i see the education system hasnt improved any since i left .


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