New restaurant opens and a downtown shop is closing

The FNP has an article in today’s business section about the opening of  Tendo Buffet Sushi and Hibachi Grill that we’ve talked about a bit in the comments section of another post.  This is the restaurant that has moved into the former Lone Star Steakhouse near the FSK Mall.

Also, I was tipped off (and drove by to see for myself) that there is a Going Out Of Business sign in the front window of Lipstick and Spurs on N. Market Street.  It’s such a shame to hear about this downtown business closing.  By the way, I also noticed that it looks like Velvet Lounge has expanded its store.

I’m editing this to add that I read over on Fred Foodie that Caballo Viejo has closed.  I never did make it in there to try it.


28 thoughts on “New restaurant opens and a downtown shop is closing

  1. Except, according to FNP it’s a “habachi” (this spelling is repeated throughout the article).

    I’m sad to see Lipstick and Spurs go. They have the cutest stuff and the best boot selection.


    • Nothing against FNP (which has plenty of company in this regard), but I’ve had to get used to frequently stumbling over misspellings and other typographical errors.


  2. Velvet Lounge expanded in january, after Social Study closed, which had been one of the oldest streetwear stores in the entire country but between the recession+the change of clothing trends+3 other streetwear stores opening in DC, it couldn’t compete anymore :(, its really a shame, I don’t think enough people in Frederick realize how truly unique and impressive social study was. When it opened its doors it was one of the only stores of its kind outside of NYC/LA/Tokyo.


  3. Is it a shushi buffet? Or a Buffet that also serves shushi? I think I’d be kind of leery if it were the former, maybe even the latter!


    • It’s basically your standard Chinese buffet, although if you hit some of the sushi before it gets a chance to sit, it’s a cut above what they serve at City Buffet. Putting “sushi” in the restaurant’s title definitely overemphasizes its importance there. Keep your expectations low- really very ordinary Frederick buffet fare.


  4. I don’t know where to put this so I’ll use this thread and maybe it can be moved to a more suitable one.

    We were very very happy to go to Bushwaller’s for dinner Saturday night and no longer have to put up with the cloud of cigarette smoke. We avoided other places for the same reason and now we’ll start patronizing them. But now there’s talk of allowing dogs to be at tables with diners on outdoor patios. If that happens, every place we see that goes along with it, we will immediately avoid. We are not going to spend money on a meal and then have to see someone’s drooling, whining, scratching itself, licking itself dog tied up at their table. I know, it’s never “your” dog, it’s always “someone else’s” dog that misbehaves. We love to eat outdoors but not if we have to put up with that. We won’t even go indoors at those restaurants that decide to allow it. And we’re not alone in that. The “they do it in Europe” argument is meaningless. We aren’t Europe. There’s a restaurant in Key West that has chickens roaming the dining area. Let’s go with that, too, if one place doing it makes it right for every place else.


  5. I just noticed this morning that The Black Hog now has picnic tables out in front of the restaurant roped off with yellow cord. Add that to the list of places that will allow dogs in outside eating areas. I personally have no problem with it and when you count the number of restaurants in Frederick with out side eating areas, there is all of what? 5 now including BH. (Lizfrog- this was what I forgot about this afternoon! )


    • Thanks for the tip PJ. I had a tip last year that they were going to put up a deck out front for outdoor seating. Did they do that ? Or are the tables out on the sidewalk?


      • It just looked like 4 of those standard wodden picnic tables with the attached seats. Was drinving, so didn’t realy look at it that close. They are in front of the restaurant on the left side of the frot door. It would be nice if they had a deck somewhere, but the space is kinda small.


    • I sure would love to see more restaurants with outside dining areas–not just in Frederick, but Germantown, Gaithersburg, etc.


    • I emailed Red Robin just out of curiosity – to see for sure if they’re coming and when it’ll open. Here is their reply:

      Thanks for your inquiry into one of our newest locations in Frederick. Currently, we have a target opening date of Nov. 2010. If you are interested in employment, our minimum age of employment is 18 and we will begin accepting applications at the restaurant 6 weeks prior to opening.

      Woo hoo! Gonna be great!


    • Hmmm, I wonder what the ramifications are for the old Freez-King property then. Last I heard, Mike T. was going to open a sandwich shop there to go along with the bakery.


  6. Anyone been to Shannon’s Tea Room and Art Gallery Cafe yet? Their under-construction website says it should be up by May 21st. I see cars in the lot but I don’t know if they’re at the cafe or just using the parking lot to go somewhere else.


  7. Shab Row Bistro & Wine Bar is open (or was this weekend) — 221B N East St., next to the winery operation. They have a very cool zinc bar and plenty of tables inside and out, including some hightops along the windows toward the park. There’s an area in the back where you can buy bottles of wine. We did not eat there yet, but the menu looks interesting. Friends we ran into enjoyed the food they tried. The lighting and decor are great. The bartender told us they are putting together a cocktail menu and beer list. There are lots of wines by the glass. It does not look like their web site is up yet, but here’s a brief listing:


  8. I ate there on Saturday and was not overly impressed. I’m sure they’re just working out kinks, but the food seemed not that great for the prices we paid. It was fine, but no intention of going back. The menu was unique, but there are many other places that have wine, better food and probably cost less (and the staff seemed… uptight?). I liked the space, but I liked the space when the winery was there too =).


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