A Question for Downtown Business Owners

An FMO reader asked the following question:

My husband and I were thinking of opening a store in the downtown area, and was wondering if I could get some feedback on the ins and outs of doing so. Laws, restrictions, insurance info, etc., and basically what other retailers think about doing business in downtown.

They are planning on opening a shop that sells ” … an eclectic mix of art, decor, jewelry, clothing as well as many other exceptional items.” So any downtown business owners want to give some advice? If so, share some helpful hints in the comments.


5 thoughts on “A Question for Downtown Business Owners

  1. I don’t have a store downtown but I have always heard that dealing with the historic commission is hard 🙂 I would think that the Downtown Frederick Partnership would be a good resource for them.


  2. Downtown Frederick Partnership and Dept of Economic Development are great places to start. My husband and I own Dancing Bear Toys, and we’d be happy to chat with them as well.


  3. Absolutely call the Downtown Frederick Partnership at 301-698-8118. Kara and Joanna will be happy to help you. In addition, you are welcome to call me – I am the marketing director at Everedy Square & Shab Row. We also have a couple possible spaces available, if you’d like to check them out. Interestingly, the Retail Advisory Committee (part of the City’s Department of Economic Development) is looking at developing a resource guide for just this purpose. We are just now talking with existing merchants to see what questions / obstacles they encountered when they first opened.


  4. There are several free resources to those interested in starting a business in Frederick. City of Frederick Economic Development – 301-600-6360; Small Business Development Center – 301-600-1967. There is also a FREE small business toolkit being offered at City Hall on 4/19 at 6:30. Just call the office to register – 301-600-6360.


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