Prom Night Advice

This is a fun question from a local mom:

My son is a senior and is considering places for his group of him, his date, and his friends (I’m not sure how many – at least two more couples) to go to dinner before their prom.  Would you please consider asking the FMO people for recommendations in and around Frederick?  Not too fancy (e.g., Volt), but not too casual (Chipotle).

Way back in 1991, my friends and I went to the Turning Point Inn for our prom dinner, unfortunately that is not an option any more. I wonder if it will be too cool in mid-May to sit outside somewhere like Danielle’s. Any other suggestions post them in the comments.


18 thoughts on “Prom Night Advice

  1. A few years ago, we went to Isabella’s for prom. It’s such a fun place with a group; everyone orders a few little things and everyone gets to sample. They have something that everyone will like. Very accommodating for prom groups, too.

    PS: goat cheese fritters and asparagus fries. YUMMM! And for dessert, the mango sorbet-stuffed mango.


  2. My kids have gone downtown on several occassions. (Brewer’s Alley and Griffs as well as Isabella’s.) They have also done Macaroni Grill too. Once you have a headcount, someone should call and make reservations.


  3. We went to The Province for our prom night…that’s not an option anymore though 😦

    I will second the Dutch’s Daughter suggestion. Dutch’s is big enough that a large group of people wouldn’t overwhelm the place. Alexander’s is fantastic too. Isabella’s, Brewers and Acacia would work too. Maybe even someplace like Miyako would be fun with a group.


  4. What high school you go to kind of dictates the choices, I think. I went to UHS and we went to Monocacy Crossing on Urbana Pike. Very, very good. It’s really popular with a lot of prom groups though, so plan ahead. I think for pretty much every area in Frederick Co. downtown Frederick is very accessible and a definite good choice. Firestone’s perhaps? They’re nice and large. I haven’t been there recently, but from what I remember it was tasty.


  5. i definitely would not do Brewer’s Alley or Griff’s, as i think those would undoubtedly fall in the “too casual” realm. Isabella’s would be fun as would Cacique’s. The food, as well as the staff, are both incredible! i agree that you can’t beat Dutch’s Daughter for a good meal, and seating would definitely not be a problem. i’ve heard mixed messages about Quinn’s Attic. Have looked at the menu and not been impressed. Volt and Acacia are my two fave Frederick venues in Frederick; but for prom and a group looking to be able to laugh out loud a little but still have a nice dinner and a good memory, i think Dutch’s Daughter would be my first choice.


  6. I also like the choices mentioned above, but have to add one more…*Hinode on Carroll Creek…Great food, and nice atmosphere for a special night. They have outdoor seating in the warmer momths too and the Creek is soo pretty at night when all the lights are on.Come to think of it, the Red Horse is a good choice for a prom dinner too. They have the tuxedo clad wait staff, and they know how to make everyone feel special. Plus, they are still a great place to get a fantastic steak dinner!


  7. The most fun I’ve had in terms of dinner before a dance was when a group of friends brought tablecloths and candle sticks to a Wendy’s and ate our dinner there, all dressed up for the dance. It was cheap, fun, we could be as silly as we wanted, and we got a lot of stares/laughs/etc. Good times!


  8. My daughter and her friends had a very nice low key dinner at Acacia. Not rowdy and very reasonably priced. (This was four years ago though).


  9. So sad that Hagan’s Tavern is closed. That’s where our son took his prom date in 2005. It was our family’s favorite restaurant and one we loved to take out of town guests to. Any one know if there are plans to reopen it as a period tavern again?


  10. My kids have had good prom dinner experiences at Caciques & at Carrabbas.

    When they went to Cacique, they rented a school bus to transport them (they actually preferred it to a limo). The bus pulled up outside of Cacique, set the red blinkers blinking, let down the “arm” thing (I have no idea what it’s called), and the kids all piled out.

    They loved the fun of it all.

    Wherever they go, try to work out in advance that they will be given separate checks. That will help to avoid the problems that arise when trying to figure out the bill…


  11. Comus Inn is pricey, but very different and beautiful, with paths to walk where everyone can show off their fancy duds (suppose that terminology ages me a LOT).


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