Hiking Group, Trail Dames, Starting in Frederick

Linda Turner sent a note about a new group she is trying to start in the Frederick area. I will let her explain …

I am going to be starting a chapter of Trail Dames sometime around the end of March/early April. Trail Dames started in Atlanta as a hiking group “for curvy women” but my chapter will be for all women of all shapes and sizes! No experience is necessary. We’ll start with easy day hikes of just a couple of miles on easy terrain for those who have never given hiking a try. We’ll also do overnighters on the Appalachian Trail for those who have a little more experience and have done overnights or have never given it a try and would like to go out with a group. We’ll have meetings dealing with gear, clothing, trail first aid, “leave no trace”, personal safety, camp cooking, hygiene, and as much else as possible that deals with being outdoors on the trails as women. It is a very different world from what men deal with while hiking/backpacking.

I will be submitting a press release to the Frederick News-Post as dates and places firm up. There will be a website as well. For now anyone interested can contact me at: athiker07@gmail.com

Interested women can also check out www.traildames.com to see the founding chapter and get a feel for what we’ll be doing.

Sounds like fun!


12 thoughts on “Hiking Group, Trail Dames, Starting in Frederick

  1. I am so excited to join this group. I love to hike and can always use new friends. I like that there is no set time commitment so I can fit this in to my busy life whenever possible but don’t feel stressed when I cannot make a hike.


  2. What a great group! I’ve often been hesitant to join local hiking groups, because as a beginner, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to keep up. But in looking at the Trail Dames website, I feel like this is the perfect group for me! Fun, strong women hiking their way through our beautiful backyard? What could be better?! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hi everyone wow I am so excited when I read that hiking group will land in Frederick WEEEEE ! I am hearing impaired (Deaf) and working as a teacher at Maryland School for the Deaf. I am looking forward to join with all of you no matter if you are all hearings. I can spread the words to other deafies to join too smile. I am 48 going to be 49 on March 25th. Linda just explained that she just started hiking at age 45 with zero experiences. I feel a lot better that we can learn and having fun together ๐Ÿ™‚
    See you soon !


  4. Does anyone know of any similar “co-ed” hiking groups in the area? This sounds like such a great idea, but I don’t have the proper parts to participate. Thanks.


    • Go to traildames.com, click on the link to the Maryland Dames and use it to email me. We had 41 ladies turn out for our first hike yesterday. Next hike will probably be May 15th on a 5 mile loop in Catoctin Park.


    • Go here:

      Trail Dames of Maryland

      Frederick, MD
      250 Dames


      Check out this Meetup Group →

      I have 268 members now and cannot possibly maintain any kind of email list for those that can’t/won’t join the email group. We just did a 6.6 mile hike up in PA today. We don’t divulge hike/activity locations/times etc outside of the Meetup group for any reason. It’s for safety’s sake.


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