Zagat Asks FMO Readers for Some Help

I got an email from Marty Katz, the Maryland Editor for Zagat:

We’re conducting our periodic online survey of restaurants in Baltimore, Annapolis, the Shore and Frederick to create the 2011 review book for MD.

Participants who write up restaurants they have been to the past year at by 2/21 receive the $15 2011 Zagat MD-DC dining book in appreciation.

The Survey has a list of restaurants, but write-ins are encourage so we don’t overlook places of note.

Please pass this invitation on to foodies, serious diners, raconteurs and those whose views of area dining need to be heard. Beyond getting a free book, they’ll help skewer overhyped or overbearing places and perhaps spotlight unsung heroes and deserving newcomers.

Comments do not need to be nice, just truthful. Witty and pithy remarks are appreciated, as we seek to make the book more than just useful, but devastatingly accurate.

Hmm … I think there are some foodies out there that would be up to the task 🙂


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