Let's start a new list

This crazy weather is wreaking havoc on all sorts of events going on this month.  Rather than leave them buried in the comments, let’s start a new list of things that we’ve heard about.

February’s First Saturday has been postponed for a second time.  The new date for Fire in Ice is February 20th.

The Cabin Fever Festival at the fairgrounds has been canceled.

So far the Progressive Dinner is not canceled, but has been sold out.

The Daddy Daughter Dance that was to be on February 6th was canceled and rescheduled for May 22nd.

The Lewistown Volunteer Fire Department dinner that was scheduled for February 13th has been canceled.

For emergency information and links to websites for closings and postponements, check out the Emergency and Inclement Weather notices on the County Government website.

Leave a comment for any other events that you know about that have been canceled or postponed.


4 thoughts on “Let's start a new list

  1. Last weekend’s opening of the “House of Yes” at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre was moved to this weekend. The show opens tonight, and local band, Troutzilla, performs after the show. Also, this Saturday’s opening of “The Amazing Interactive Adventure” was moved to next Saturday @ 2pm.


  2. Anyone else out for First Saturday? Downtown was slammed with people! It was awesome to see so many people out and about. It was actually warmer than normal and just an overall pleasant night.


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