Snow brings opportunity to get into VOLT

Ever since the success of  Bryan Voltaggio on Bravo’s Top Chef, it’s been pretty hard to get a reservation at VOLT.  Believe me, I’ve tried with no success.  All this snow has caused several cancellations allowing some to get into VOLT more easily.  One thing I hadn’t considered is that the snow is also causing problems for delivery trucks to get into downtown, until I got this message tonight  from Hilda, co-owner of VOLT:

We have had all of our food delivery trucks cancel deliveries. So Chef Voltaggio is in the house cooking until we run out of everything! And you know we don’t freeze anything, so this week has been a huge challenge to say the least. I saw Bryan butchering this afternoon so I think he must have been out hunting and killing this morning. I kid I kid.

Anyway, we are running a “Snow Fixe” menu – $35.00 for three course dinner menu for tomorrow night only. Also, since there is a problem with on street parking, our parking lot is free and clear of all snow. Lot is open for dinner guests only.

It sounds like a great opportunity if you can get downtown tomorrow (Wednesday 2/10)!


13 thoughts on “Snow brings opportunity to get into VOLT

  1. Glad they have their own parking lot because you won’t be able to park on the streets for a while. The latest from our Mayor on why the streets are not clear to park.

    “When the current snow fall ends & the streets are plowed, the City’s
    Department of Public Works will launch a plan to begin removing the snow
    from Downtown Frederick. Because the City has no additional snow removal
    funds in the budget, the City will not be hiring an outside contractor to
    complete the work. All of the snow removal will be completed by DPW

    Starting Thursday night at midnight, DPW crews will begin taking
    eight-hour, overnight shifts to remove snow and truck it elsewhere. The
    crews will begin work on Market Street at South Street moving north and on
    Patrick Street beginning at the Post Office and moving west. I’m told
    there will be a crew on each street, each evening. The crews will get in
    two eight hour shifts before the rescheduled Feb 13 First Saturday. Cross
    your fingers that they make it through a significant part of downtown in
    these two 8 hour shifts.

    During the day, small crews will be working to remove snow from the side
    streets in Downtown Frederick. This work probably will cause limited
    block closures as the crews close an area while the snow is removed.

    When the crews remove the snow, they will be removing snow from the
    street, the parking spaces and the sidewalk. While the sidewalks will not
    be completely clear, the level of snow should be of an amount that you can
    move with a snow shovel.

    Finally, the snow removal process is beginning in Downtown Frederick this
    Thursday. The Mayor has indicated that the snow removal process for the
    entire City of Frederick may take up to three weeks.”


    • Hi DJ, thanks for sharing about the snow removal process for this storm. Would you mind sayingwhere you got that information? I was on the city website earlier today and didn’t see anything like what you wrote, just the usual stay off the streets. I would like to bookmark where you got it from and check back. We are the last block of the city on the west side so i can only imagine when we will get out….
      stay safe!


  2. So far, in the last two storms, we’ve been amazed at how quickly we had a City plow up here in Whittier. They always do the bigger streets here first and then do side streets and courts like ours later in the day. Last Sunday the plow was here by 1 pm. We really didn’t expect it til much later in the day. There was a plow here yesterday moving the already plowed snow further to the side of the street and laying down sand.


  3. I think the only people who will be eating at Volt tonight are the ones that can walk there. I’m sure by now they’re parking lot is not clear, the streets are impassable, and how exactly are their employees even getting to work?


  4. Hi there Gypsy. We have a crew on parking lot duty! and thank goodness for hungry neighbors! We have a full house tonight filled with those within walking distance. Most of our staff live in town and those who don’t got a lift to work with Chef who drives a heavy duty 4-wheel truck. Thanks for everyone’s support! See you at volt tonight. Hilda.


    • Hi Hilda, Thanks for your explanation, I follow Bryan on twitter and was curious how he got there, how the staff got there, well if you have to stay the night at least you have food and beverage! Stay safe


  5. Would have loved to have been there but up here on the hill in Whittier nothing is moving anywhere. Wasn’t trying to be critical, just couldn’t imagine how anyone was getting around today. We’ll do our best to patronize Volt this year!


    • Yes, please torture us with the wonderfulness of it! 🙂 We’re eating Stouffer’s French Bread Pizzas tonight. And the plow finally showed up here (up on the hill in Whittier) at 3:15 pm but he didn’t have chains on the truck and he had such a hard time backing up and turning that he finally just left – – – and left us with still a few inches on the street.


    • We managed to grab two seats at the bar last night. It was lots of fun to eat with our neighbors and socialize after so many days inside! It was basically the same menu that’s posted on the website right now (the a la carte option). The goat cheese ravioli was sooo good on a cold night! And our bartender suggested some great wines too. (Maybe too great…the walk home was a little woozy!)


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