Snowmageddon Coming for Frederick

The TP index, defined as the ” … the number of toilet paper rolls you need in addition to your current supply in order to ensure you’ll have enough to meet your needs during the upcoming winter weather” is at 18 for the upcoming winter storm. I’ve seen weather reports ranging from 1 to 3 feet of snow for this weekend. In preparation some local events have already moved their dates:

New Media & Technology Conference is POSTPONED until 2/19:

The Chamber’s New Media & Technology Conference, scheduled for tomorrow at Mount St. Mary’s University, has been postponed until Friday, February 19th.

All registered participants have been notified via email. Updates regarding this event will be posted on our web site – – and on Twitter –

First Saturday’s Fire and Ice has been re-scheduled:

NEW EVENT DATE: Saturday, February 13th, 5 – 9pm.

RESCHEDULED: Partnership Red Reveal, scheduled for Friday, February 5th, NEW DATE: Friday, February 12th, 5 -7pm at Frederick Cellars, 221 N East Street.

Stay safe everyone and if you have any other postponements please add them to the comments.


36 thoughts on “Snowmageddon Coming for Frederick

    • A little more on the schools from Find Out First:

      If weather conditions require FCPS to cancel school Friday, Feb 5:
      the decision will be made by 5 a.m. that day and announced soon after
      all after-school, evening and weekend activities for Feb 5-7 will be canceled
      If weather conditions require FCPS to dismiss students early Friday, Feb 5:
      all after-school, evening and weekend activities for Feb 5-7 will be canceled

      FCPS WILL ANNOUNCE DECISIONS: on, on Comcast cable channel 18, to regional radio/TV news and via FindOutFirst e-mail.


  1. Stores were already crazed mad houses at 9 am today. If you’re waiting til tomorrow morning to get your TP you may be out of luck! 🙂 And yep, Snowmageddon should be trademarked!


  2. It was a 45 minute wait in the CHECK OUT line at the Grocery Store today and when I went to get Gas at Sheetz on East Patrick St there were no places to pull up!! It was a Madhouse both places and I am so glad to be home!! Thank God I don’t have to Work till Sunday!! People in Frederick go CRAZY when Snow hits the ground!! LOL It just makes me laugh becaue my Dad is from Maine and he has seen like 5 – 10 feet of snow up there and people are still driving and working!! It is like Frederick completely shuts down for a flake….


  3. We lived in Montreal over a winter. Nothing stops for snow, ice, cold, wind chill……nothing. We also lived in Denver for 3 years. Kids were walking to the high school in shirt sleeves in -20 wind chills. Schools there didn’t close for winter weather. I worked at the United Airlines reservation center there and we were expected to be at work regardless of how bad the weather was – ever. They even kept sofas in the building for people to sleep on rather than risk being late for a shift.


  4. Took two hours to get the grocery shopping done today(at 5 pm) and another 20 minutes in the gas station waiting for gas. No milk, bread, eggs or BANANAS?? (Not that I needed any of that stuff) People really do think its Snowmageddon.


  5. I like the term snowpocolypse! I heard that Costco ran out of Milk yesterday. Can anyone confirm? Work is dead today. Just sitting here by myself keeping the seat warm.


  6. There is an excellent dried milk product, NIDO, sold in Wal-Mart and many other stores that is dried whole milk, not the the watery non-fat stuff. We keep canisters of it for hiking/backpacking trips. My husband loves milk and he won’t drink any other dried milk product. Our son, on the other hand, drinks only non-fat milk and doesn’t like the fattier creaminess of NIDO. It could be watered down more I suppose. I suggest that the milk-aholics keep a few canisters around for snow days. Some stores keep it in the Mexican food area.


  7. DanceWorks Ballroom is closed Friday and Saturday 2/5 and 2/6. No group classes or private lessons, and no dance parties. Group class make-up sessions will be one week after the session was supposed to end.


  8. I posted some post-snowmaggedon pics on the Frednet flickr stream. Boy, they weren’t kidding about potentially paralyzing! Power lines, trees, store awnings—lots of collateral damage.


  9. The photos are gorgeous! You must live right downtown. We live up in The Vistas at Whittier and we aren’t going anywhere til the plows show up! But what an amazing view we have of the city in it’s crystaline blanket.


  10. Obama took your Word, Guy!! If you go Online to the Frederick News Post it says in the Headlines on todays Editon (2/6/10) on an update at 1:08 pm:

    Obama calls capital’s blizzard ‘Snowmageddon’

    ROFL, I thought it was funny!! You should have coined that term while you had time!!


  11. Keep the blowers fueled and the shovels handy………’s coming again Tuesday afternoon – Wednesday afternoon. “Only 5 inches” but on top of what we have and the ice that will be on the roads at night by then from the daily melt………….


  12. Turned on the TV this morning just in time to hear a weather guy say that “if the Canadian model holds up we’ll see another FOOT of new snow” and that was for mid-Maryland northward. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right? 🙂 Kudos to MDOT, though. Hubby commutes to Springfield VA and this morning he said I-270 was clean and clear and easy going. But as soon as he got to I-495 in VA only one lane was open most of the way and it was covered in inches of snow with no snow removal equipment out working. He saw far too many vehicles spinning and heading into the ditches, most because they would be on some clear pavement, start speeding up and then hit the snow covered pavement that they couldn’t see in the dark. VDOT is extraordinarily slow in clearing the highways.


  13. Bloom on Yellow Springs had plenty of food this morning. They were out of some things, but still had the basics and plenty of meats, breads, dairy and more.


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