Pizza Hot

Has anyone tried the new pizza place called Pizza Hot?  It’s located at 9009 C Baltimore Road which is where the Jug Bridge restaurant is also located.  I got a flier for them in the mail yesterday and the menu looks pretty good.  According to the flier, they deliver to Spring Ridge, New Market, Linganore and Frederick.  I’m curious if anyone has tried their food and if they are strictly carry-out/delivery or if they have an eat-in area.  By the way, in addition to pizza, they have salads, wings, gyros and souvlakis, calzones, pasta and subs.


16 thoughts on “Pizza Hot

    • Pizza Hot makes the best pizza we’ve found in Frederick, and I’m sorry but J&P is like cardboard with unseasoned tomato sauce smeared on it. That was the worst pizza I’ve ever had.

      Pizza Hot is really good, the crust is mostly chewy with a nicely crisped bottom, the sauce is well-seasoned, and the toppings are fresh and generous.

      I have heard that the calzones are not as good though. I haven’t tried those. Highly recommend the pizza!!!


  1. Order from there about a year ago and had it delivered to Urbana after getting the flier. About 6 of us order and were very disappointed. The two things i remember that got order that were really bad were the gyro pita and Mexican calzone. The gyro seem to have meatballs in it and well Mexican and calzone don’t mix. It may have been a bad order on our parts. Interested in how their pizza is.


  2. Starvin’ Marvin’s Pizza is located where Luke’s Pizza used to be and boy, are they gooooood! (So is their G’burg location!) I especially like the buy one pizza, get the second for $5 deal, which gives our family plenty for leftovers the next day.

    I saw the flier for Pizza Hot and thought the pizza looked cold, rather than hot, in the picture – just a strange observation on my part.


    • Amen to the Satrvin Marvin Pizza rave! But, the second location of Luke’s is the one I was asking about. It was over there next to Jug Bridge across from Spring Ridge. Sadly, it was the main reason that the original Luke’s went by the wayside, I hear. The owner was a great guy, and said it was a disaster trying to run two places at once…the location at Crestwood suffered from his not being there all of the time. I still miss that place, and the Modena Salad.Yum!


      • Agree about missing Lukes. Every now and then, I still get a yen for their specialty pizza with the shrimp and pesto–can’t remember the name they gave it, but I sure remember how good it was. Not so long ago, I even started to pick up the phone to order one for carryout….before that strange, sad little realization hit me that there’s no Lukes to call….


  3. We live near Pizza Hot and have LOVED their pizza. J&P is fine but very pricey. We’ve had (and loved) Pizza Hot’s white pizzas, combo pizza’s and specialty pizzas. Husband was a bit disappointed with the Gyro pita. My steak and cheese sub was decent. We always pick it up and have never had delivery. Yummy pizza!


  4. We got delivery from Pizza Hot a few times. It’s better than Domino’s, slightly better than Papa John’s, and J&P is slightly better than Pizza Hot. However, Pizza Hot delivers. You probably won’t be disappointed in the pizza, but you won’t be wow’ed either.


  5. Why exactly did Pizza Hut stop delivering? We always had them deliver when we first lived in Spring Ridge and then one day they said no. And now we live in Whittier and the one on Rosemont won’t deliver. We lived in Alexandria VA for awhile over the past year and the Pizza Hut there delivered, no problem. So it’s not a Pizza Hut policy. It has to be a local franchise decision. Now we only use Papa John’s because they take the order on-line and deliver it. If I want to go get it then we’ll all go and just eat it there, too. And we simply never want to do that.


  6. Not satisfied with Pizza Hot. Nothing to rave about but not a disaster either. Luke’s used to be there (closed for health code violations??). The two “anchor stores” there at Jug Bridge seem to change yearly now. Between the pizza joints and ice cream shoppes, nothing seems to survive for more than a year or so. Seems like its cursed realty:()


  7. Pizza Hot is very very good. They cooked it well and their delivery is very timely. I did tried JP Pizzeria in Spring Ridge, and my whole family didnt like it…IT TASTED LIKE GARBAGE!!! Sorry, JP, but the truth shall be spoken, and your tomato sauce taste like a 5 day old sauce.
    Their steak and rolls are very good, but they need to improve on the Gyros…Sorry, Im speaking from my mind and I dont have anything to hide.


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