Deer Meat Donations

I had a question about donating deer meat to local charities. Anyone know a charity that takes it?


6 thoughts on “Deer Meat Donations

  1. The only place I know that takes deer meat donations is Frederick Resuce Mission in downtown Frederick. I contacted many non-profits in the area and they were the only ones who would take it. It was quite easy…I just brought a box of frozen deer meat and they loaded it directly into their freezer…nice and smooth!


    • Hello, My husband is from Charles County and grew up eating dear meat. He and his father used to hunt together but his father passed away and my husband hasn’t had any dear meat since then. I too learned to like the taste. I am very, very interested in some meat, so would you please refer us to the people who give it away. Thank you.


  2. My name is Kenneth Madore. I Grown up in Maine and now I live In Quincy Mass. I am disable and can no longer hunt dear. If you are looking for some place to donate Venison. I would love some But I don’t have a lot of money since I’m on ssi and social security. Please E-mail me. One Question that’s probably is in your mind right now is why not by from a retail store. I just can’t afford it. Heck people in prison eat better than i do. Sad huh well.


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