Future Commercial Development

I thought this page on the City of Frederick’s Economic Development site was interesting. It lists “… information on upcoming and recently-announced commercial development projects throughout the City of Frederick.”

Some of the items we’ve talked about here before, but some of them are new to me:

330,000 sq ft research facility as a part of the new NCI Advanced Technology Partnership Initiative on a 66-acre research technology campus setting. This will be the first building out of a total of 800,000 sq ft. NCI-F is NOT vacating its Fort Detrick facilities but plans to consolidate advanced technologies now spread out in 33 buildings.
STATUS: Under construction; Completion scheduled for 2011

The site also has a map of existing places to do business.


4 thoughts on “Future Commercial Development

  1. Guy,

    Riverside Park has it’s own live web cam: http://is.gd/6TyL6

    It’s a pretty cool web site (although the web cam isn’t really that exciting) with some nice aerial photos of the North East side of town. The most exciting part is that they’re expecting to hire at least 200 people by mid-2011.


  2. Its cool to see all the concrete trucks going in there and now they are putting up walls. Guess the concrete trucks are pouring walls horizontally and they are going up once they are cured. They just zoomed the camera in a bit closer to the jobsite so you can really see what’s going on over there. (How boring is my day?)


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