Restaurants for sale

I see in the FNP that Mallard’s in New Market is for sale and will be sold at auction next month.

According to a public notice announcing the sale, the property is about 4,601 square feet with living quarters above the restaurant. The property is owned by Craig A. Wolf and Carla J. Wolf. The restaurant’s telephone number is disconnected and the Wolfs are unlisted in the phone book.

Mallard’s closing is a big loss to the town, New Market Mayor Winslow Burhans said.

“People shop and tour on the stomach. Without restaurants, they’re going somewhere else.

“I feel a certain amount of pride in Mallard’s because the Historic District Commission and I worked very hard on the design for expansion,” Burhans said. “And they did a bang up lunch business and Mealey’s did dinner. É Having more than one restaurant offers residents, local employees and visitors options.”

Mallard’s closure leaves only one eatery in town, Mom’s Pizza and Grill.

Also, I drove by JJ Pidickles during prime lunch hour yesterday and there wasn’t a car in sight.  At the last second I noticed a For Sale sign in the front of the building but didn’t get a chance to see the realtor’s  name.

In case you missed it in the comments, apparently there are For Sale signs in the window at La Dolce Vita.


10 thoughts on “Restaurants for sale

  1. JJ Pidickles had good sandwichs, but didn’t take credit cards when we first tried it, so our guys in the office didn’t go there after the first try. That location is kinda out of the way as it isn’t in Riverside Park, yet it isn’t in downtown Frederick, so I would venture to guess that any restaurant in that location would struggle.


  2. When I was a kid, New Market was the place to go for antiques (and dinner at Mealy’s). Now, there are so many other places (such as Frederick) that have even more shops, it is hard for New Market to keep up. If they want to remain viable they need to re-invent themselves in order to give folks a reason to visit. Otherwise, it will hopefully keep it’s nice village atmosphere, but their won’t be much taking place. Many of the shops will become residences. People will go to Frederick (or other towns) instead of New Market, hunt for antiques along with other items, hang out on Carroll Creek, have multiple choices of places to eat etc.


    • Denman, you could very well be right about New Market falling by the wayside as a destination unless it re-invents itself.

      However, I think the very fact that New Market is on a much smaller scale than Frederick, with far less commercial development, crowding, and trendiness, could still prove appealing for a fair number of folks. Maybe the town can make quality (of the antiquing and overall “nice village” experience), rather than quantity, their niche. A destination restaurant (on the order of Mealeys in terms of its drawing power in days gone by) wouldn’t hurt, either.


  3. As for JJ Pidickles, living DT I never made it out there. If I could snap my fingers and make a wish it would become Eberts again. Man what I wouldn’t give for some of their Custard Ice Cream (made right in back along with milk and other products). As it is now, that place just doesn’t seem to lend itself to being a destination type of diner.


  4. I’m pretty sad about La Dolce Vita. It’s a shame that the buyers — who are now selling, I assume — never even opened up after the initial sale. Maybe they could have capitalized on all the December holiday foot traffic and first Saturdays and what not?

    Obviously I can’t/don’t know the whole situation, but it was such a great little spot with nice (original) owners and good food and coffee that it is just sad the buyers didn’t even try.


    • There never were any new owners, Stephanie. It is still owned by the same original people and as lond as the sign is still in the window, is still for sale.
      Sad, yes. The place was soo very nice and the owners there were super to deal with.
      Know anyone who may want to buy it and save La Dolce Vita for all of us?


      • No problem. Of course, now that I think about it. They could have come to a verbal agreement with the buyers and then between then and settlement it fell through. Who knows. Either way I hope someone buys it quickly and opens it back up. 🙂


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