Flying Dog to be on Food Network Show

I got a tip that the Food Network has a crew from their show Unwrapped (warning, the video at the top of that page starts playing on it’s own, so turn your speakers down!) at our very own Flying Dog Brewery today.

Check out the pictures they have put up on their Twitter Updates page in the right side bar.

Pretty cool!    Hopefully they will post when the air date will be.  Thanks for the tip pojama!


9 thoughts on “Flying Dog to be on Food Network Show

  1. No problem : ) Can’t wait to see that episode. Now the uninformed, non Flying Dog beer drinkers in the country can see another cool thing about our great Frederick.


    • Still haven’t heard anything about this. I went to the Food Network site and tried searching on Flying Dog and Frederick Maryland, and neither brought up anything.


    • From Facebook

      Flying Dog Brewery Tap House Denver Flying Dog on the Food Network for “Un-Wrapped”. Go inside the Brewery and learn a thing or two about SnakeDog IPA! 8:30
      October 4, 2010 at 8:54am · Like · Comment


      • So, it was never promoted here in town or on this site when it was broadcast. That’s too bad. It’s not a show I would normally watch unless I knew this episode was going to be on and I doubt I’m alone.


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