The goats say Thanks!

I think we have about fifteen or so trees and are picking up three more this weekend.  We have enough now.  The response has been fantastic!  Thanks so much.  We stacked the trees to help block the wind as the goats nibble on them.


6 thoughts on “The goats say Thanks!

    • It’s hard to see in this picture, but under the trees, there’s another dog house and a large shipping crate, all filled with straw. The play house was donated by our friend who’s kid had no interest in it, so that was given to the goats. They love all their little houses, but the one in the pic with the goat’s (AJ) face in it is the most coveted house because it gets the early sunshine. There’s a head banging brawl every morning for that house!


  1. I agree with Eli….More GOATS, please!!! I see the one poking his head out….that is, I can barely see him. Would LOVE to see more (I have always loved goats!!)


    • Thanks, but I can’t tie up this blog with too much personal stuff. I do have a family blog that has occasional goat pics though. By the way, we now have about 30 trees now and don’t really need any more! Thanks to all who contributed!


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