East Street Extension Opens

It’s finally open and I took it home tonight.

The $107 million project has been in development since 2005 and will open in phases, according to the State Highway Administration.

SHA cleared the following today:

• the Md. 85 exit through the new interchange;

• East Street, from I-70 to South Street;

• a new ramp from eastbound I-70 to the northbound Md. 85 exit and East Street;

• a new ramp from southbound East Street and the Md. 85 exit to eastbound I-70.

After the holidays, sections of Monocacy Boulevard will be opened and ramps will be swapped. By spring 2010, the entire project should be complete and open to the public, said John Huchrowski, an SHA assistant district engineer.

Also here is some video of the ribbon cutting with Governor O’Malley.


18 thoughts on “East Street Extension Opens

  1. Took the new East Street Extension to the south end of town yesterday. What a nice, quick way to get to 355/85 intersection. Had to have cut 10 minutes off my ride. I love it!!


  2. I took it last night and it was nice and easy. There seemed to be a lot of roads and ramps all coming together on the bridge and I’m still not sure how it is all going to come together in the end.


    • I know the actual overpass looked nuts. I t reminded me of the nutty Falls Road overpass in MoCo. Really long with about 3 or 4 major roads all converging on a bridge. For now though its nice and easy.


  3. Guy- That is the exact road it reminded me of. I’ve crossed that bridge on Falls and thought “whoa which way am I supposed to go”. I have a feeling people will be confused for a while once they open the other sections.


  4. I love this new route! I will use it every day now. So much better than sitting and waiting on Market Street.

    Although the whole randomly placed roundabout has me confused, why are we rounding about there? Doesn’t seem to be any cross streets?


      • I think they are eventually going to be building all along that corridor so maybe they will have businesses off the roundabout. No clue though, since I haven’t been on the new road yet to see for myself! Haha.


      • Finally drove it on Tuesday. Loved it! And I do think the roundabout is there to slow traffic as it enters the near-center of town. People coming off the highway while going in excess of 55 mph will tend to try to keep that speed up as far as they can and you just can’t have them zooming into downtown and slamming on the brakes at the first red light. It’s a simple thing and hardly any kind of inconvenience, unless you want to be “at speed” when you hit the ramps for I-70 provided you don’t hit a red light first.


  5. This came form Donna Summer’s former fan club president concerning my recent release “Riding Home From Baltimore” whichs is a tribte song to her! : Happy New Year!

    What a nice tribute to our Diva “Donna”. She has given us so many gifts with her voice and words. I ran Donna’s fan club for years many years ago and I must say to recognize her in your music is wonderful and makes all of us so proud. Keep up the great work!

    Tom Gilliam


  6. Noticed today on my way into town from Gas House Pike that they were putting survey stakes in the farm field right past the sewage treatment plant. The Monocacy Blvd extension must be on its way.


  7. I didn’t know where to ask this, so since this forum is about East Street – – – just drove up East Street and that old (closed) antiques store on the corner across from Stone Hearth has a big sign above the doors about it being a “Roads and Rails Museum.” Has that been there awhile or is it new?? Is it really being made into a museum? I think that would be great if it is!


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