New Downtown businesses

In case you missed the comments in another post, many thanks to Jennifer for the tip that there is a new restaurant going in to the old Jackson’s spot on W. 2nd Street near Market St.  There is also a rumor that this is Jennifer Dougherty’s new venture.  It’s to be called Magoo’s Pub and Eatery.  No word on when it is opening, but the menu looks pretty good.

Also in the comments, Annie tipped us off to a new wine store that’s going to open on Market Street, across the street from VOLT.  Thanks to Hilda for the tip on the location.


22 thoughts on “New Downtown businesses

  1. I heard from a former Jennifer’s server that Magoos was aiming for a mid-December opening, but it looks to me like they are still doing heavy construction in the basement part at least. Probably more like January.


  2. Some things don’t change, but it ought to be interesting. I just looked at the Magoo’s menu and found this:
    “Sister says, Please SILENCE your mobile phone ringer”. Just what I need, a vision of Jennifer as an Irish Nun telling me what to do in a pub.


  3. On Frosty Friday we were walking around downtown and happened to pass by Magoo’s. There were lights on and people inside and one of them noticed us standing outside. Apparently the staff was having a mini-celebration before they open in “two-ish” weeks. We were invited in and treated to some Guinness and Yuenglings so I’ll definitely drop by after they open and give them a shot!


  4. The menu looks pretty good — Jennifer’s had great sandwiches, but they were only at lunchtime, so I’m hoping this menu is the same at dinner. There aren’t so many sandwich options in the evening downtown. Nice little beer selection on tap. Re: the cell phone ban — it’s definitely a courtesy to everyone else in a restaurant to set the cell phone on vibrate and then take your calls outside. (Why does everyone have to shout when they are on the phone??)


  5. Went on week night with a friend and was one of two tables there. We just got beer so I can’t comment on the food. I asked for a glass (there is a glass or pint option), was given a pint and didn’t realize it until I got my bill… which I had to walk up to the distracted waitress who never came to retrieve our money. I like the space, but could see where it could get echoey with lots of people.


  6. Just tried out Magoo’s for the first time. The place is so cute inside, but I was extremely disappointed with the food. I was there with a group so I figured it would take longer-which is fine. The burgers were all cooked well done (no matter how you ordered it) and the fish and chips were terrible! Someone else had the meatloaf and said it was alright. Everyone in my group was disappointed.


    • And the owner is the nicest guy you could ever meet! Love the way he’s put the place together, and the selection of wine and Craft Beer looks like a winner. Best of Luck in the New Year!


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