Frederick Cellars has opened a Bistro

Frederick Cellars Winery on East Street has recently opened a Bistro, serving lunch and dinner daily.  From their website:

Need a bite to eat. Enjoy our Bistro to complement your wine. Served daily for lunch and dinner.

Appetizers & Sides:

Soup / Chili / Stew

Gourmet Cheese Plate

Antipasta Sampler

Dipping Bread

Cellar Salad

Veggie Pasta

Classic Blends:

A variety of classic combinations served as a wrap, melt, personal pizza or salad.


Some mouth-watering morsels that are great with our wines.

Non-alcoholic drinks:

Individually brewed coffee & tea

Soda & water

Check out the pdf of their menu.  And while you are there, maybe do a little Christmas shopping at their gift shop.


14 thoughts on “Frederick Cellars has opened a Bistro

  1. I’ve been there for food a few times– had a pizza with turkey/granny smith apples/cranberry stuff and a different pizza with steak/gorgonzola/onions/pepper white sauce. Interesting, different stuff! Tasted pretty good. It’s def not a restaurant, more an order at the counter, then sit type of thing.


    • Well, they serve Flying Dog on tap, that makes it some place I am interested in checking out. (Though the menu seems a bit heavy on the Old Bay) Any idea when they might be opening?


  2. Today I learned that there is to be yet another wine store in downtown after the first of the year. A brand new store that is planning to handle some very high end bottles. Well, well.
    How true it is that in very tough economic times, people will still gamble and drink !


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  4. What is going on at Frederick Cellars now? One whole side is closed down and windows papered over. Drove by last night and there’s a sign about something “Coming Soon” but couldn’t read the whole thing as we passed by.


  5. Soooo….they can’t have live music because………….???? Makes absolutely NO sense. And oh by the way…….Maryland State Parks (along with VA and PA state parks) have decided to ban alcohol. Let me disabuse them of their delusions…….we who are 40 and above and come into any of these parks with an RV or a very nice tent ARE going to have a nice wine with our dinner and probably a cocktail or two beforehand. Period. End of discussion. Unless you think you’re going to search us (and you had better have a court order) then forget it. We’ll pour our drinks into ceramic cups so that you can’t see what we’re drinking and we WILL drink whatever we like. If you want to crack down on the young guys with kegs, then go for it. But you will leave US alone or you WILL lose enormous amounts of revenues because we are the majority of the campers, like it or not. If you actually think we’ll sit around the fire sipping ice teas you are truly delusional.


    • Okay, Sorry about the rant. But this constant nanny state stuff has got to stop. A 12 yr old might order alcohol on the internet, so the rest of us aren’t allowed to do so. A group of drunken teens might bring a keg to a park, so the rest of us aren’t allowed to have a bottle of wine with a nice grilled steak in the outdoors. Nonsense.


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