Gabriel's Inn for sale

I drove by Gabriel’s Inn this afternoon and noticed that there was a For Sale sign out in front of the restaurant.

Here is the listing.

I’m sorry to have to report this news.  I’m not sure if they are closed now or are continuing to operate while up for sale but it looked pretty quiet.

Also, looking over that realty office website, I see that Routzahn’s Furniture store on Rte. 26 is also for sale.


6 thoughts on “Gabriel's Inn for sale

  1. The ad doesn’t mention the ghosts that come with it. 🙂 We ate there once and the server’s father had had some long affiliation with the place. She told us all about the hauntings – things being thrown, doors slammed, things moved, etc.


  2. I went to a wedding at Gabriel’s once and it was great. We returned a few years later for dinner which was incredibly slow and the food was average. Still it is too bad to see another business disappear.


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