A Subway downtown.

Maybe this is old news (I didn’t know it), but FMO reader Stephanie says there will soon be a Subway in Downtown Frederick:

Hi. I have two tips for you. One, the old Maxwell Place leasing office (On North Market right before you get to Carroll Creek, by the fire station/All Saints street) is going to be a Subway. I’ve been walking by there every day and seeing them renovating it, and last night they had the huge (ugly) Subway signs up. Interesting.

I checked subway.com and sure enough, this was listed in their locations …

Opening Soon!
69 South Market Street
First Floor
Frederick MD 21701

Stephanie also mentioned that La Docle Vita is “closed for renovations” until November 23. Thanks for the news Stephanie!


28 thoughts on “A Subway downtown.

  1. damns, I was hoping for an extension of the Red line.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with this if they were able to come up w/ something other than their ugly sign. Some of the 7-11s in DC don’t have the ugly sign, and they’re still easily found when needed, but don’t stand out when passing by. That I’d be happy with.


  2. Yeah the Subway sign looks oddly out of place. But on the bright side, perhaps this will encourage more businesses to open up on that little strip of Market. That would make it much nicer looking than the abandoned/boarded up buildings that stand there now.


      • Walked by this afternoon, La Dolce Vita is still closed. I didn’t see any signs up that indicated an open date. Hope it’s soon! I miss my $3 mochas. Everywhere else in Frederick downtown charges like $4.30 for a small mocha!


    • Don’t quote me, but I heard that it may be that the business is for sale. Personal reasons for the decision to sell, not a lack of business. Interested?


      • Well that was the initial reason for “closing for renovations.” Did you hear that the brand new buyers are looking to sell already before opening? Because that would be a shame


      • If there are new owners, (I had not heard that there are) then it is true that it would be a shame if they would be selling the store they just purchased. But why would anyone do a thing like that?
        It really is a lovely place and has a loyal customer following, I think it should continue to operate and do well even if the original owners sell. And the location is nice too, there by the creek and so close to the library and parking deck.
        I sure hope it’ll be open again soon and continue to be the same La Dolce Vita.


  3. Nothing against Subway, but it would be kind of hard to be happy about it if you were one of the many downtown eating spots that are already struggling to keep afloat these days. Subway offers a cheaper (and not too tasty alternative, in my humble opinion) to our local independent businesses who have it tough enough just surviving in the current economy. I feel for them, and will continue to give them my business and support. Downtown Frederick has a charm and a quality that I’d hate to see diminished by the loss of any of our mom and pop merchants.


    • We ate at Market Bagel the other day and as I snacked on my orange cranberry cream cheese on a honey wheat bagel, I realized that subway ain’t got nothing on it. 😉


      • Market Bagel is very good. They make great bagels and some of their sandwiches are fantastic, that said I prefer Beans and Bagels. As good as Market Bagel is it seems that they’re always out of the bagels we want around lunch time. Also, their ordering process/counter operations always seem confusing and hectic.


  4. Oh thanks! It’s actually tomorrow but I’ll be hip deep in finishing up Christmas things after being housebound yesterday. Thought a nice pint and a burger at Magoo’s this afternoon would be an excellent birthday treat!


  5. Magoo’s opened on Thursday — had lunch there. The sandwiches we had were served up quickly and were tasty. The tavern room downstairs is not open yet — probably sometime this coming week. (By the way, Magoo’s was among the many places on or near Market Street open for business Saturday night. And there were lots of us locals walking out to enjoy them. Go, downtown Frederick!)


  6. We tried out Magoo’s last night. Not good. 😦 The only thing we liked was the freshness of the on-tap Guinness and Smithwick’s. Other than that, we would not eat there again. We arrived about 4 pm and were handed the lunch menu. Rather than make a fuss and ask about dinner, we decided to just go with it. I ordered fish and chips, husband ordered shepherd’s pie, and son ordered roast beef sandwich. The fish was clearly out of a box of frozen, prebreaded filets. The meat inside was mushy (probably minced, not whole filet) and the breading, while crispy, was too salty. The chips (fries) were okay. Nothing special. And that’s all it came with – 3 very small filets, handful of fries. I don’t remember the exact price, but I think it was $8. Too much for what it was. Husband’s shepherd pie, while filled with huge chunks of lamb, was hot right out of the microwave. The mashed potato “crust” was soupy and drippy. It should have been baked in an oven until the potato crust was browned. We’ve eaten both fish and chips, and shepherd’s pie, in England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. We know what they’re supposed to be like. These weren’t even close. And for $9 all he got was the little dish of pie – no salad, no rolls, nothing. There were no peas or carrots in the pie that we could see, Just meat, gravy and the soupy potatoes.
    Son’s roast beef sandwich was pathetic. Just some very thinly sliced beef (and very little of it) on ordinary whole wheat sandwich bread, a little lettuce, some weird concoction of orange, horseradish mayo, and a glob of the soupiest “cole slaw” on the side that we’ve ever seen. He loves french dip sandwiches and hot sandwiches and thought that’s what he’d be getting. He was pretty disgusted with it. Our bill, for our meals, 3 pints of beer, and a glass of Sprite, was almost $48. Way way too much. We’ll be going back to Brewer’s Alley or Patrick’s for our pints and meals when we’re downtown. Jennifer was there, in an apron, and came out of the kitchen to talk to an older couple for a minute. Thought she could have made the effort to speak to the few people that were there to thank them for coming out in that weather and all. Also, 3 flat screens TV showing sports were 2 too many for that small of space. And unnecessary. How much nicer it would have been to have no TVs and some nice Celtic Christmas music instead of the hideous canned “elevator” style Christmas music that was playing.


    • Thanks for the report Gypsy. That’s too bad about the fish and chips. I’ve been on a quest to find a good one for years now. It doesn’t sound like it’s worth it at Magoo’s.


      • I don’t mind the ones at Brewer’s Alley, but no, there really aren’t any good ones around town yet. I’d fly back to New Zealand to have theirs – – 2 or 3 huge whole filets, excellent chips, and all for about $4.00.


  7. Hey Guys,

    At last Subway Owner listed his subway on subway website for sell .
    I stumbled open this post and found out that he is been trying to sell before he opened up
    thats funny so no one is ready to buy that subway …. i dont understand why??

    Any one has inside info? very help for potential buyer like me.

    Good post


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