Plans for the old police barrack.

According to the FNP, the long abandoned police barracks on the Golden Mile will “soon” be home to a new shopping center:

“We call it the ‘Golden Mile Gateway.’ That’s something we’ve been hoping would happen,” said planning commission member Gary Brooks at Monday’s meeting.

The project will include a 16,861-square-foot shopping center and a 3,194-square-foot, free-standing bank structure.

I’ve harbored a pipe dream of buying the old barracks and turning it into a pizza place. I would’ve called it Jail House Pizza, since there was a little jail cell in the basement (at least there was a long time ago when I went on a school field trip there).


10 thoughts on “Plans for the old police barrack.

  1. I thought this property was owned by some sort of trust that kept it from being developed. I don’t remember the details but when the barracks closed the land (and building) was supossed to revert back to a trust. Anyone remember any details on this?


  2. The only thing I could find was on the Frederick Co. Gov’t. web site for the Planning Commission minutes from March of this year:

    “Director Soter noted some other consideration being evaluated including the changing the Wicks Lumber site from GI to mixed use designation. Commissioner Brown expressed his opinion that the GI designation should be removed because of the battlefield. Director Soter expressed some of the ideas being considered.

    Commissioner Floyd brought up the concept of the “Gateway to the County” and discussion was continued.”


  3. I actually think they should locate a city police branch in that building. I think it would make sense to have a police presence on that side of town again.


  4. They should take the food bank and soup kitchen out of downtown and use the old police barracks for that (easily reached by bus). Then the old train station could be turned into a cool bar/restaurant.


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