Thanksgiving out/2009

OK, I’ve found a few restaurant websites with their menus up for Thanksgiving so far.  Feel free to add a comment for anything that you’ve heard about and I can add it to the body of this post.  Check back for more links as I will add them when I find them.

The Bavarian Inn is having a special Thanksgiving menu this year.  For some reason, I expected it would be a buffet, but it’s not.

Brewer’s Alley is having a 3-course “pre fix” menu on Thanksgiving from 11-4, not a buffet like last year.

The Cracked Claw is having a Thanksgiving Buffet from noon-4PM.

Dutch’s Daughter’s website appears to be down but they have traditionally had some sort of buffet for holidays.  Not sure about Thanksgiving though.

The Comus Inn is having a buffet from noon-6PM.  At just under $50.00, that’s a bit steep for me but it sounds delicious!

The Carriage House Inn in Emmitsburg is having a buffet from 11AM-4PM.

Alexander’s has put up their Thanksgiving Buffet menu.  Their buffet runs from 11AM-6PM and at $18.50 for adults, it’s one of the better bargains.

Last year, we posted about Thanksgiving Out and since then, two restaurants we mentioned,  both G. Hunter’s and Mealey’s  have closed.

Have you heard of any other special Turkey Day menus?


14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving out/2009

  1. FYI- Brewers Alley is having both a 3-course pre fix menu and the traditional buffet. The 3-course pre fix menu is on the 2nd floor in the “Mayor’s room” from 11-4 and the traditonal buffet is downstairs is from 11-5. Happy Turkey Day To All!


  2. Last year I had the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner in Alexandria (VA) at Bastille. They have just posted their menu for this Thanksgiving (, and it looks like it will be just as marvelous as last year. This is the greatest restaurant — absolutely wonderful food, superior service, an incredible (and more than fairly priced) wine list — and none of the pretentiousness and over-preciousness that one encounters at too many “fine dining” establishments these days. There are all kinds of things to do in the DC-Alexandria area on Thanksgiving Day…so if you are in that area, definitely make plans to get to Bastille for dinner. One of the coolest things about Bastille is that many of the wines on their great list are offered by the glass in two sizes. This allows those of us who like to pair our wine specifically with each course to do so without overindulging (and without overburdening our wallets!)


  3. Went to have dinner at Carriage ahouse Inn last night in Emmitsburg. Had a very fresh, wonderfully tasty Pecan Encrusted Rockfish filet. And while there was told that they will be open on Christmas Day this year. To make the most of a down economy some restaurants have decided to offer a little more…like working on this major holiday. They have been open on X-Mas in the past (not recently) and it was a great success, they said. Could be nice for those of us who would like to skip the cooking and the dishes for the day.


  4. My husband and I have been looking for places to go too… Last year we went to the Sheraton in Hagerstown and it wasn’t all that great… I think we are going to go to the Woods Resort in Hedgesville this year… They are having a buffet for $26 per person. I have heard some really good reviews about the food there.

    Dutch’s Daughter are having a buffet this year by the way, it is $34 per person but they are almost fully booked. They do have a cancellation list though.


  5. Went to Bavarian Inn in Shepardstown yesterday for Thanksgiving. The food was great. I had the Jeagerschnitzel, (probably spelled wrong) Step daughter had Tenderloin Tips and BF had Sauerbraten. All dishes were delish as we each shared the others. The place was quite crowded as many people had the same idea we did for Thanksgiving. Started out in the Rathskeller (downstairs bar) while we were waiting for our table. Great German Octoberfest beer. The bartender, Ben, recommended a great wine to have with dinner. We took his suggestion and were not disappointed. The only disappointment of the afternoon was the weather. Being cloudy/foggy/misty, we could not enjoy the view of the river. All in all, would definitely do that again for any occasion.


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