Vino 100

Once again, I learn of a new (to me anyways) establishment through the blue, ValPak envelope.  This time, it’s for a wine store in Mt. Airy called Vino 100.  Located at 1311 S. Main Street, Vino 100 promises “100 great wines for $25.00 or less”.

So many of us enjoy wine. How often, though, do we experience the frustrations of buying wine? Wine stores are all too often intimidating, snobbish and expensive, or are designed as wine “superstores” where the quantity of wines is overwhelming and the quality of wines and the service provided is underwhelming.

According to their ValPak ad, they offer wines by the glass, wine accessories,  cheese and cigar selections, specialty beers, and private parties.

The coupons offered are $3.00 off any 2 bottles of wine and 10% off a 1/2 case.  They also have a wine club membership.


5 thoughts on “Vino 100

  1. Their website is great. Explaining the different qualities or characteristics of each of the wines they carry as well as enabling you to print a “wine card” as an easy reference tool. Can’t wait to visit!!


  2. Thank you to all who have posted comments on this site. I would like to introduce myself, I am Sharleen Kutrumbis. My husband and I own Vino 100 in Mt. Airy. We appreciate all the great feedback and new subscribers to our newsletter. Please logon to to subscribe to our weekly newsletter and you will receive a coupon. In addition to wine, we also have cigars, specialty beers and imported cheese from DiBruno Brothers! We host all types of parties including, showers and birthdays! Please do not hesitate to call us directly with any questions about our store! 301-829-2110


  3. Vino 100! Mt. Airy has a knowledgable and friendly staff and a great selection of wines and beers. I’ve tried many new wines/beers based on their suggestions and staff picks and have never been disappointed. My personal favorites are the Innstadt and the Velvet Devil. Great atmosphere, great drink, great fun!


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