Another Reason to Shop Downtown

The Downtown Frederick Partnership is trying something new this year called Get it Downtown.  The “Challenge Week” will be November 2-7, with one lucky winner receiving a $250.00 Downtown Frederick Gift Card.

Participate in the first-ever Get It Downtown Challenge Week from November 2 through 7 and you may win a $250 Downtown Frederick Gift Card.   With your first purchase at a participating merchant (list of participating merchants coming soon!), you will be provided with a Get It Downtown punch card. Bring your card with you throughout the Challenge Week and receive a sticker for every purchase at participating locations open until 7pm, Monday through Friday, and until 9pm on Saturday . No minimum purchase amount required. Eight stamps complete the card. Once all eight boxes are filled, complete the information required on the back of the card and turn it in to one of four locations. At the end of the week, one completed card will be selected at random and the winner will receive a $250 Downtown Frederick Gift Card.

Locations accepting the completed cards are the Visitor Center at 19 E. Church St, La Paz Restaurant,  Brewer’s Alley and Flights of Fancy.  For more info and where to check back for participating merchants, click here.  And for an updated  list on where you can use the Downtown Frederick Gift cards, go here.


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