355 Open

Did anyone else drive on Rte. 355 by Costco yesterday?  It appears that all lanes are open over the I-70 bridge now.  I don’t think it’s completely done though, since the road surface is still pretty rough.  I guess they will have to close it again for resurfacing some day.


9 thoughts on “355 Open

  1. Funny, I didn’t take my normal route home via the local watering hole last night and I missed it. Guess I will see it in the next day or two! They have had signs up about “new Traffic Pattern” for about a week now.


  2. I drove by there on Sunday afternoon. There was not much traffic at the time, but I can’t help thinking that they just moved the problem (congestion in the intersection) up a little farther. The two lanes that merge into one….are people going to be taking turns or will there be more rudeness and “road rage” trying to get a spot in line??

    That intersection was really bad, so I’m hoping this will help.


    • You mean merging on to Market Street right? I agree with you. Widening the road at the Costco intersection was a good idea, but there is still a problem with traffic tightening up beyond that intersection into town. To be fair, there are two left turn lanes if you are heading south (Adventist Dr. and the entrance to 70W), one straight away lane (towards downtown) and one right turn only into Costco (on Walser Dr.). I guess they are hoping that the new exit onto East St. will ease some of that traffic. I wonder when that is opening? It’s definitely a loooonngg process!


  3. I take that route every night. Already someone flew up the right hand side and tried to push in at the top of the merge. A great many horns and middle fingers were used.


  4. I drive a good-sized van. Whenever I’m in that northbound lane in heavy traffic I watch the rear view for anyone that is going to try to “sneak” by on the far right to cut in ahead. I move my van over just far enough that they can’t possibly get by me but I’m not out of the regular traffic line. I stay that way til there is not enough right side shoulder for any car to get by. I also flatly refuse to stop to let cars out of that side road next to the cemetary (I’ve never looked for the name of it). I will not hold up miles of traffic “to be nice.” Those people coming out of there to turn left onto Market have tried to “short cut” it. They can sit and wait. Or the city can put in a light – which of course would make the traffic on Market even worse.


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