Giant Slide at Rocky Ridge

I can’t believe I’ve lived here over 20 years and never heard about the giant slide at Rocky Ridge.  My friend Danny told me about taking his 4 year old son there today and I was all, huh?  What are you talking about?  A giant wooden slide that’s been there for forever, that I could have taken my kids to when they were younger but never knew about??

Apparently the land it’s on is owned by a church or something.  There are signs that tell you to slide at your own risk and there are burlap sacks available to slide on down the slick wooden surface.

Imagine a bumpy bowling alley tilted on end. You are the human bowling pin! No fear! A pile of sawdust awaits you at the bottom. Grab one of the scraps of fabric at the base (burlap sack is the fastest), climb the ramp and slide away!

Locally known as a “Sliding Board”(35 ft High x 100 ft Long). Close to Thurmont, MD, home of Camp David.

How did I not know about this?  Has anyone been there?

It’s located on Motter’s Station Rd  (MD 76) , 1/4 mile north of Rocky Ridge.  Admission is free!


16 thoughts on “Giant Slide at Rocky Ridge

  1. It’s owned by the Mt. Tabor United Church of Christ, and is its private property.

    “Private” depends on your point of view. For instance, if no one else is using the park (the slide is the main attraction in a park with other old-fashioned playground equipment, pavilions, and parking), one can go under the chain across the gravel entry and enjoy all the rustic facilities.

    For the slide, BYO blanket, burlap sack, or other slippery fabric on which to sit. Be prepared to walk the numerous rung-steps to the top, then end your slide down the wooden ramp in a sawdust pit. Cleanliness is definitely not guaranteed.

    We brought a group of boys here for a picnic lunch and the slide on November Saturdays several years running for our son’s birthday party….ages 6 through 8. The slide is a great attraction, but be prepared to make your own fun while there…and perhaps better yet, call the church office ahead of time to get the latest on utilizing this park.


  2. Went there on yesterday with the kids. There seemed to be a picnic going on, but we just drove right back to the slide and didn’t bother the party. The slide was great but can be a little dangerous when people show up with wax paper to slide on. The speed increases greatly with the wax paper. There were about 10 or so kids there and it gets a little crazy. But overall, a blast.


  3. We’ve been taking our 2 girls (5 & 8 now) there ever since we discovered the park about three years ago. Most of the time it’s open to come in & play, we’ve never been there when the chain was up.

    If you want to have some real fun, bring a roll of wax paper & use sheets to slide down on…so far the fastest toboggan I’ve seen — Note to ‘big people’ i.e. adults, just make sure all’s clear before hitting the slide for your fun — otherwise you’re kid bowling! :()


  4. And not only is the slide fun, but they’ve got one of those old-fashioned round-abouts that the safety police have taken down everywhere else. Here’s some grainy footage of kids flapping in the air as they go around in circles:


  5. We’ve been going there for several years now. A best kept secret….shhhhh….. that is definitely gaining more and more momentum now. We can easily spend a couple of hours there and the kids have just as much fun as if they were at Disney Land! A burlap sack, a scrap piece of carpet or a beach towel all work well.

    Beware, wear long pants. The wood burn can be painful.


  6. We have been having our family reunion there for 13 years now. Great choice. Kids stay busy while family mingles. We have been going to the park with the family for over 25 years though. Just going up for a night of sliding… Go check it out.


  7. I have been to the Giant Slide with all my kids and nieces and nephews and friends for 14 years now. Great place! Be sure to respect it…clean up after yourselves, and be careful of the bees hidden in the sawdust at the bottom of the slide. Best in the spring and fall.


  8. I have lived in Thurmont for 58 yrs. The R.R. slide is still the same as the day I first saw it.
    It is in very good condition(it is under roof) and still a popular local attraction.
    The entire park is a good place to hone your skills with a metal detector.
    There is some burlap there to enhance your ride but if you really want a thrill
    bring a roll of wax paper and use a sheet of it under the burlap.


  9. I saw this slide yesterday and decided to try it out. There were just a few people there, so I had no chance to watch anyone go down. My friends waited at the bottom while I walked up the ramp, sat on a piece of burlap and pushed off. WATCH OUT!!

    I picked up speed and immediately wished I were back home reading the Sunday paper. There is no directional control (sort of like a saucer sled) and I was soon going backwards. The end of the slide is about a foot above the pit of compacted sawdust, so I fell that far and then hit the ground backwards at high speed. I rolled backwards onto my head, feet up (literally heels over head) and flopped down – breath knocked out of me, neck full of pain.

    Everything in my pockets – car keys, change, cell phone, sunglasses – as well as my hat, were scattered in the sawdust. I slowly got up, made sure I still had feeling in my hands and feet, and walked slowly away from the scene. My neck still hurts a day later, but it seems there is no permanent injury.

    It is the absolute dumbest thing I have ever done. I could have broken my neck and spent the rest of my life in a quad wheelchair. So, if you are an adult – watch the kids, don’t try to be one again. I’m sixty-six, drive a Corvette, ride a motorcycle, fly a plane and this is the most hurt I’ve ever been. Live and learn.


  10. My mother grew up in Rocky Ridge and we visited the slide a couple times over the years. There use to be a merry-go-round there too.


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