Wings restaurant opens in Urbana

Buffalo Wild Wings (there is sound on that link) has opened a franchise in Urbana.  The location is the new plaza that was built on the  by-pass, between the Cracked Claw and the high school.  As far as I know, it’s the first place to open in that plaza, which will include, I believe, a drug store, a dry cleaner, a Chinese restaurant and a Ledo’s pizza.  From the FNP business section:

Gary Weber, a former journalist, said he “fell in love” with the restaurant business.He was a sports writer for the Martinsburg (W.Va.) Journal, but worked at a restaurant there and found he preferred food to reporting.

With the opening of Buffalo Wild Wings at the Urbana Village Shopping Center, he now has six franchise locations.

“I have to open 15 under the agreement with Buffalo Wild Wings,” he said. Besides the Urbana site, he has eateries in Hagerstown, Westminster, White Marsh, College Park and Bowie. He is working to get one open in Rockville by the end of the year.

The 6,200-square-foot Urbana site seats 349 patrons, including outside dining. Weber has 130 employees.

The restaurant not only serves wings, but wraps, burgers, salads and sandwiches.

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to midnight Sunday. Guests can dine in or carry out orders.

For information, call 240-699-0311.

If you haven’t been to Urbana recently, you’ll be shocked at how much it has changed in the last year.  Well, last several years actually.


14 thoughts on “Wings restaurant opens in Urbana

  1. We just went to the Buffalo Wild Wings in Urbana today for lunch. Great food and excellent service. We just relocated here from Ohio, where Buffalo Wild Wings was founded (it was originally called BW3’s) It’s a great family friendly place. The manager told us they will be airing Ohio State games there so I’m sure we’ll be back.


  2. Always went to the one on High Street in Morgantown. Great college bar atmosphere, when I was in college. Always enjoyed the wings with a nice cold beer.


  3. What horrible food! Apparently its mainly precooked so don’t expect freshness.the wings are always soggy and they nickel and dime you for a side of dressing or celery. Not to mention they have sooooooo many employees standing around they outnumber the guests! Maybe they should not have hired so many people. Not going back, don’t go the food is not worth it!


  4. This place is a gold mine, that didn’t take long to get a huge crowd there. The food was pretty marginal, though (WOW in Westview has far superior wings) and portions were stingy. It was one of the loudest restaurants I’ve ever experienced with the blaring club music. The trivia game was fun though. Service was well intentioned, but somewhat incompetent. I doubt I’ll go back unless I’m invited to a happy hour or something.


    • I agree with most of these posts. Crowded loud, warm beer and the food was right out of a bag. Still it was packed. People in Urbana needed and got a bar to hang out in.


      • After seeing how fast BWW caught on in Urbana, I’m a little surprised Fosters wasn’t busier than it was — I’m also wondering if BWW is taking some of the business they had.

        Speaking of Fosters, it looks like they serve wings too. I’d be surprised if their wings were any worse than the ones at BWW. Fosters’ food is reasonably priced and the beer is dirt cheap, but evidently it didn’t fill the void that Urbana was feeling. Nice to see Ledo’s going in there, that’s bound to be busy too.


  5. I’ve been to the BWW in Hagerstown. Definitely NOT a place you go for the food. But – lots of big screen TV’s made it a fun place to catch Duke basketball game! don’t hate me…


  6. Meh. The place is completely useless for normal humans on football days.
    Loud, noisy, crowded..

    Service and food is good on non-football-infested days, for rational humans not addicted to other people’s profit from their irrational obsession.


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