Roadside stands.

We have been visiting some roadside stands scattered around Frederick for our recent vegetable needs. There is one off of 194 just past the Ceresville Mansion that has a good selection at super cheap prices. My wife breaks it down:

For $3 I got 6 ears of corn, 5 ripe tomatoes, & 5 peaches. All yum. The next time I went, for $3 I got 5 tomatoes, 4 green peppers & 3 huge onions. Way better than grocery store prices.

Last week my Mom also got some awesome corn on the cob at a stand off Baughmans Lane. It was probably the best I had all season.

Do you have a favorite roadside stand in Frederick?


12 thoughts on “Roadside stands.

  1. There is one in the car lot right across the street from the Rosemont gas station. he is there I think from Fri, Sat, and Sun late morning to early afternoon. The sign has been there for a while but never seen his stand till Sunday. he had two or three small tents setup but it was too dark under them to see what they had.

    The entrance to Whittier has someone sitting there all the time till late evening. I usually stop to get some tomatoes. She had yellow tomatoes this weekend and for a couple bucks got three. Same as grocery store I guess.

    A little further down yellow springs road (i think its christophers crossing?) there is someone selling sweet corn. Never stopped there though….


  2. There is a road side stand in Mt. Airy, on 27, near Penn Shop Road. We have bought sweet corn (very good), watermelons, cantaloupes, and tomoatos. Very good prices!


  3. There’s a farm stand in Jefferson that usually sells corn and tomatoes. It is just west of the traffic light on the opposite side from Hemps. Their corn is always sweet and tender.


  4. @pojama I grew up going to that corn stand in Jefferson! Mayne’s Tree Farm in Buckeystown has a roadside stand that has the largest ears of corn I’ve ever had. They are fantastic.


  5. There’s a self-service roadside stand on Route 80 near Urbana. They have herbs in pots, tomatoes, beets, local honey and much more. In this Google Maps image, they are obviously not open, but it has the “address.”,-95.677068&sspn=50.37814,89.560547&ie=UTF8&ll=39.327567,-77.408627&spn=0.006058,0.010933&t=h&z=17&layer=c&cbll=39.329042,-77.407015&panoid=Ok0b3bvDYbgFuWL_ypgWDg&cbp=12,100.83,,0,5.18


  6. Maynes in Buckeystown has a sale this weekend: Buy three dozen ears of corn get the fourth for free this Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4. Ad in todays FNP.


  7. I stopped at a roadside stand across from Walkersville High School yesterday. I got the best Silver Queen sweet corn that I have had in years!


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