Crazy weather

We live in the southern part of the county and that tornado yesterday just missed our property.  Don’t get me wrong.  We had some damage and the storm itself was brief but very frightening, but nothing compared to what a neighboring farm withstood and then also some properties on Mussetter Rd.  If there are any doubters that it really was a tornado, here’s a preliminary report from the National Weather Service that  states there were actually two separate tornados yesterday (Sorry.  That link is to a site that constantly changes.  I’ll have to look for another link that reports on what I read regarding the two separate tornados.) OK, here is another link to what I read.  Hopefully that one won’t change as well!

Our power went out for several hours, as did the power in the entire region.  The bars and restaurants around FSK Mall were filled with people who had stories to tell about the damage to their properties as they waited for their power to be restored.  Quite frankly, I have to give major kudos to Allegheny Power for getting the power back as quickly as they did.  Jim and I drove around the area today to survey the damage and it is extensive.  The pictures on the FNP link above do not do justice to the amount of property damage, especially on Ball and Mussetter Roads.  We saw whole buildings destroyed, whole tree lines uprooted, evidence of trees that had been cleared off roads and a lot of people out cleaning up their yards.  Thankfully as far as we know, no one was hurt.

Speaking of crazy weather, my friend Eric sent me this picture taken with his cell phone from inside Brewer’s Alley last Thursday, 7/23.  That was the night we got a ton of rain, roughtly 4 inches in a half  hour/45 minute period, about 10:00 at night.  You can tell from the picture that Market Street was completely flooded.  By all accounts, the water was off the street about a half hour after it stopped raining.  Good to know the flood control project at Carroll Creek works.



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  1. I was driving home Friday afternoon from the mall area towards Jefferson and was in the torrential rain! Everyone was driving 30-40mph on 340. Could barely see out the window. The winds were incredible!


  2. We were driving back from Columbia and were forced to pull off in Mt. Airy because we were slammed with a rain white-out. It hit like a wall and all cars came to a stop and were barely able to navigate off the highway. Trees were falling all around us and the wind scooted our SUV off the exit. My husband decided we should seek shelter in The Greene Turtle, probably so he could have a beer, so we scurried the kids inside and fed them ice cream until the worst of it blew over. I was constantly on my phone watching the live radar and reading news updates. We left about 3:00 and I read on my phone that a barn collapsed off of Mussetter Rd. We live off of Mussetter and have a barn but didn’t think it was our barn and thought it he had to Debbie’s. Sure enough we drove past our house, which was thankfully unharmed, to see Debbie’s barn had been completely flattened. I agree that the photos don’t do the damage justice. We rode down Mussetter and Ball Roads and through Whiskey Creek and the amount of damage is just unbelievable. Thank goodness no lives were lost.


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