Taco Michoacan

The Dining Diva has updated her blog recently with a post about a Mexican restaurant that I hadn’t heard about yet.  I’m not sure if it’s new or it’s just that I never get down to the end of the Golden Mile.  The restaurant is called Taco Michoacan and The Dining Diva seems to enjoy it.

What I loved – the charming woman who single-handedly cranks out all the food for the diners. All kinds of meat tacos served in double-stacked warm, soft corn tortillas. I particularly like the tacos al pastor (even though it’s not real pastor like in Mexico, cooked on a spit and served with pineapple). Nonetheless, the flavors are good. Also quite tasty are their tortas (which are sandwiches) and the decadent Pollo con crema. All dishes served with fresh lime wedges, salsa, and all the cilantro you care to request. …. What I didn’t like – it gets pretty hot in the eating area. They have a portable AC machine – but it definitely struggles to keep up. Oh well – makes me feel like I’m actually in Mexico.

It’s located at 1450 W. Patrick St. in the plaza with the ’50’s style Burger King.  Has anyone else been?  I’d love to hear some more opinions on this place.


0 thoughts on “Taco Michoacan

  1. Thanks for the review. I found an ad (for 20% off) and I want to try this place. I gravitate toward Mexican/Texican restaurants and this is a new one I hadn’t heard of. I’ll write more once I get to try them out.


  2. OK I was just there. I was a little surprised. I really liked her cooking. I can’t say much at all for the ambiance (pretty small-town-Mexican ambiance if you know what I mean). But the food was good. If I get food from there again (and I might), it will certainly be to go.


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