Reggae Festival leads to traffic nightmare

I spent all last week shopping for and helping my daughter move into her first apartment.  Three loads later, on Saturday we finally finished taking the last of our old stuff to her house in Baltimore.  After we got back from that last trip, we decided to head over to Barley and Hops (there’s a bit of sound on that website so turn down your speakers if you don’t want to hear it) for a beer.  That was when we heard the first of several horror stories from people who were trying to get over to Linganore Winecellars for their Reggae Festival that was held over the weekend.

Most of what we heard was about the horrendous wait along Route 75 and Glissans Mill Road.  One story we heard was from someone who waited four hours sitting in traffic, only to be turned away when the winery had to stop letting people in.  We really wanted to go on Sunday but couldn’t make it (for reasons other than the fear of traffic).  Now I see a little blurb about it in the FNP.  I don’t know what the answer is to the problem, but I do know that the roads to Linganore Winecellars can’t handle that kind of traffic.   From the FNP:

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office received multiple calls involving the 2009 Reggae Festival at Linganore Winecellars-Berrywine Plantations Saturday and Sunday.The sheriff’s office received complaints when traffic was bumper to bumper on Glissans Mill Road, said Cpl. Jennifer Bailey. Deputies cleared the traffic and only residents were allowed to go through at one point.

“The roads aren’t designed to handle that much traffic,” she said.

While there was security at the festival, a plan to control the large traffic flow was not in place, she said. The sheriff’s office will be working with the county’s permit office to make sure a plan is ready before next year’s festival. Three people were charged with driving under the influence on Sunday and a man was charged with disorderly conducted after he refused to obey a deputy’s commands Saturday, Bailey said. A purse and GPS were also stolen out of a vehicle.

Did anyone go?  I’m really sorry we missed it.


0 thoughts on “Reggae Festival leads to traffic nightmare

  1. The last time I went to a Linganore Wine Festival was 2 years ago, and when I went to leave I sat in the parking lot for 2 hours. I had friends parked in a different location (who I was supposed to go to dinner with and missed it) who got out in 15 minutes. There was no one directing traffic. The festivals have gotten a lot bigger and it doesn’t seem that they are compensating for that. I have refused to go back since then.


  2. Mike & I went to Linganore on Sunday. We got there around 11:45 to find absolutely no back up on any of the roads. But I can say, by the looks of the crowd later on in the day, I am sure traffic was bad. We have always found that the earlier you go, the better off you are with traffic and parking. I can say, that for the first time, we noticed quite a sherriff and police presence when we left. May have been due to problems on Saturday.


  3. I went on Sunday. I had friends there on Saturday who said it was crazy, so my group (about 8 of us) got there around 11 AM. Had our tents setup within a few minutes and stayed the whole day. Our friends that came later sat in a bit of traffic on Glissans Mill, but that was it. We also waited until 7:30 to leave. Passed 5 cops on the way out to New Market, but wasn’t stuck for any measurable period of time at any point.


  4. Long Lines were present this year and last. Last year however we were not asked to turn around – we were still able to get in despite long lines! I think they need to have the Regaee Wine Fest over two weekends, one weekend is not enough!


  5. Linganore Wine Cellars has a moral and civil responsibility to the local community in which they are in. After being tailgated by someone leaving the festival and laying on their horn, someone pulling out in front of me and many others in order to get on route 75 and then being stuck behind someone weaving over the yellow line on Glissans Mill…….. cars abandoned along Glissans Mill, people parked in the yards of private homeowners. What responsibility is Linganore Wine Cellars taking in all of this? Three DUI arrests, and a car rolling over at festival late Saturday, stuff stolen from people’s cars, I believe there was also another accident earlier on Saturday, and a disorderly conduct arrest. Last there was a very bad accident at the intersection of Old Annapolis and Rote 75. Is it going to take a fatality in order for Linganore Wine Cellars to protect the community that they do business in? Thank you to Fredrick County Sheriffs for
    their efforts in traffic control and trying to keep the roads safe for all us.


  6. We went on Sunday this year and did not have any problem getting in at about noon. From past experience I can say that going on a Saturday for the Reggae festival is just ridiculous. You can’t see anything, hear anything or really even move. I feel like they need to pre-sell tickets for this particular festival because it has become completely overgrown. The rest of the festivals are manageable, in my opinion. I do miss the days of less crowded festivals where you could have a nice picnic and not fight so many crowds. We will still continue to attend though since we are such seasoned veterans. 🙂


  7. We went around 3:00 on Saturday and went the “back way” (where you make a left into the winery) and it was horrible. we waited in line for 2 hours, then decided to get out of line and go another way. when we did that, the police had closed off the entrance to Glissan’s Mill from Route 75. They told us to turn around because the festival was at capacity and not letting anyone else in.

    you can imagine our frustration!


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