Cinegraphics Closing

Another Frederick business will be shutting their doors soon. As noted in the comments and from this photo emailed to me by Joe W., Mondo Gonzo, formerly CineGraphics, is going out of business:

Mondo Gonzo Closing via Joe W.

Mondo Gonzo Closing via Joe W.

Bad news.


0 thoughts on “Cinegraphics Closing

  1. I somehow had it in my head that kids weren’t allowed in at ALL and hadn’t managed to be in the neighborhood when I didn’t have my kids with me. I’d have had to go in myself to see what they’d be asking questions about anyway…

    But bummer. I liked the store and I liked those guys. More John Waters is always a good thing.


  2. I went into the store a few times before he moved. A couple of the times I had my teen age nephew with me. He thought most of the stuff there was totally tasteless and funny but he liked it. That end of town is hard for business. Wonder who will move in there next.


  3. according to the website it is trouble with the historic preservation committee & the north end of town not being supported by downtown partnership. i don’t have any facts beyond that to verify one way or the other, but i still hate to see a local biz to go under. another sign of the times….


  4. Anyone know the address for his store? i have a photo i’ve been wanting to give hm for awhile. Took it back when he was at his first location. His vintage car is parked in front. Might be a cool memory… time anyway. Thanks.


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