My conundrum.

My family and I were taking a nice walk downtown this evening when my son asked if he could take a closer look at the water. As we watched the chunks of algae float by I pulled out my chap stick to freshen my lips (I’m somewhat of a chap stick addict, I always have one in my pocket). I went to put the lid back on, fumbled it, and dropped it in Carroll Creek.

Did I mention it was a brand new stick? And there it floated right by the edge; taunting me. Not wanting to be a litterer I quickly plucked the stick from the stagnant water.

So what would you do: keep it or chuck?


0 thoughts on “My conundrum.

  1. The wax in chapstick would probably keep the water and algae from penetrating the material, but I wonder about the interface between the chapstick and the tube – could have spaces that could harbor bacteria. So, as much as I am a “use it up” kind of guy, I have to say toss it.


  2. To me, not having to wonder just what I might be ingesting each time I lick my lips is worth the price of a new Chapstik.


  3. My wife agreed with the majority of you and threatened to invoke a no kissing clause if I used the chap stick. It has been properly disposed of by a hazmat squad.


  4. I applaud you for reaching into that water to get your “litter” out! I hope you immediately washed your hands! You’ve done your part for the environment,that’s a good man.


  5. Some of those nasty biofilms are almost impervious to soap and water. In other words, give it as a stocking stuffer this Christmas. LOL!


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