Carnival schedule 2009

Bob over at Focus on Frederick has a partial list of upcoming summer carnivals.  I’ll add more when I get the complete list.

* Union Bridge – May 25-31
* Woodsboro – June 1-6
* Carroll Manor – June 12-20
* Smithsburg – June 22-27
* Walkersville – June 29-July 4
* Guardian Hose – July 6-11
* Middletown – July 6-11
* Urbana – July 13-18
* Mount Airy – July 20-25
* Libertytown – Aug. 3- 8
* Rocky Ridge – Aug. 10-15


0 thoughts on “Carnival schedule 2009

  1. I’m gonna try to catch the Carroll Manor… I went last year, had a good time, and threw some softballs at the guy in the dunk tank (in fairness, the guy was my best friend, so he deserved it haha)


  2. My first Carnival(since Gburgh’s), Boonsboro,was a lot of fun, but you would be broke with more than one child, especially if you hit all the carnivals.


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