Info on Mountaindale BBQ

The FNP has an interesting article in the Entertainment section about both Mountaindale General Store and Mountaindale Convenience Store and the BBQ offerings they have there.  I remembered that there were a few comments about Mountaindale General Store in this post and how the barbecue just wasn’t the same as the original from years ago.  Apparently the General Store has had several owners in recent years but the current owner of two months,  Marie Kuhn, has purchased the original recipe from Doug Tomlin and is now serving sandwiches and other barbecue using that recipe.

I’d heard that Mountaindale General Store used to have famous barbecue but that the store was sold and the barbecue wasn’t as good with its new owners. Apparently the deli has switched hands a couple times.

The newest owner, Marie Kuhn, who also lives in Mountaindale and bought the store about 2 1/2 months ago, knew what she had to do — buy the barbecue recipe from its creator, former owner Doug Tomlin.

“As soon as they hear it’s Doug’s recipe, they’re back here,” Kuhn said.

She sells pork barbecue, beef barbecue and, on specialty days, chicken barbecue and/or ribs. She buys all the meat from Shuff’s Meat Market in Thurmont , and she doesn’t use frozen meat — period.

Has anyone been there in the past couple months?  If you do go, and if you remember how yummy those bbq sandwiches used to be, let us know how they compare!


0 thoughts on “Info on Mountaindale BBQ

  1. Doug’s sliced pork, beef brisket and ribs really were the best around. But the key just isn’t in the smoking technique or sauce. It’s also about freshness. I visited Mountaindale General store about 18 months ago, and the woman behind the counter reached for (pre-sliced) pulled pork from a huge Ziplock bag stored in the refrigerator (the bag bore a date almost one month old), then zapped it in the microwave.

    Good God, woman–that’s no way to prepare barbecue!


    • That is not me!!!!! Hi im Marie and I am the new owner of the Mountaindale General Store and Deli. I can assure you that I do not freeze any of my BBQ. HEHE I smoke it every three days and run out to fast to freeze it. Please come back up and try MY BBQ. I do give out free samples to anyone who asks. I am also working on getting an onsite beer drinking liscense and should have that in a few months. Hope you all have a great day and hope to see you soon.


  2. It is GREAT under the new owner. About the same as when Doug had the store but without the Texas BS, er, I mean the Texas ambience. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.


  3. “Without the Texas BS…,” funny but so true. I’m about as blue as they come in terms of Democrats, but really enjoyed Doug. Though I must confess any political discussion with him I remained neutral, didn’t want to get banned and get the Soup Nazi treatment and not be able to get the best ‘cue around. Thanks to lizfrog for the update- I’ll have to revisit.


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