The End Is Near?

And no, I am not making reference to the disturbing news coming from Frederick News-Post this morning (upon which I will not elaborate), I am talking about the new span of the 70 overpass on 355 finally being open. I just noticed this morning, but it may have been open a couple of days now.

Often sighted on the South side of town

Often sighted on the South side of town

They were busy paving along Costco/Walser Dr. and Market Street. I think this intersection has been under construction for the past 10 years. Does anyone want to start a “baby pool” for when it might finally be done?


0 thoughts on “The End Is Near?

  1. That will be a much better stretch of road(s) when they are done. I wonder if they plan to close the exit ramp that takes you to New Design Road. I use that one a lot.

    And that other thing, ugghh.


  2. Lizfrog, I better not be driving the next time I’m at that intersection because I expect to fall over in a dead faint at the sight of a completed overpass. Can it really be? But… what about the eternal lane mess on 355 just after passing Walser, headed into Frederick?

    My niece, who finishes graduate school next month, swears that the roadways in this area were already a construction headache well before she graduated from Frederick High School. She was astonished to see work still going on there when we passed by last fall, while she was here for a visit.


  3. Thanks for the link Doug.

    I can’t wait for East Street to open up. Driving home every evening downtown on Market is always a nightmare.


    • I was just at Costco thinking how nice it would be to exit over to East St. once they get the never ending construction completed. I have ridden the whole area back there on my bike and it will be nice when done.


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