Aleko's in Middletown

I wanted to alert you all to a great review of a new Greek restaurant/carry-out that has opened recently in Middletown.  The review was written by one of our Frederick  bloggers on our blog roll, The Frederick Vegetarian.  I don’t normally associate Greek food as a great place for vegetarians, apart from spanakopita and dessert, but apparently this new place, Aleko’s Village Cafe, does a great job of catering to whatever the customer wants.

Read the review here.  It’s nice to know there’s another Greek option in the county.


0 thoughts on “Aleko's in Middletown

  1. Sounds like a place worth checking out. I also like my spanakopita very “spinach-y”.

    What I’d really love to see somewhere in Frederick is a Greek restaurant that goes beyond gyros (which I think I mentioned in the other thread linked above). Greek culture has done some amazing things with not only lamb, but fish, green beans, even chicken soup! And I’ve been pining away for years for a place with good skordalia and taramosalata. Any Greek restaurateurs listening out out there…?


    • Hi!
      This is Joana the owner of Aleko’s Village Cafe. A customer told me to look at this bloging sight. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I am very open to all your suggestions. I will gladly make skordalia, and taramosalata. I will have specials in the fall that include fassolakia and Patates (fresh stringbeans and potatoes), avgolemono soup (chicken “wedding” soup), vegan pasticho (lasagna greek style), and all sorts of vegan specialties!
      Thanks again to all of your comments and suggestions!
      See you at the cafe


  2. Thanks for the pingback, Liz! I’m with you, Kali–my in-laws live in Cherry Hill, NJ and have the most amazing Greek place. My favourites are the dishes with Haloumi, that delicious grilled cheese. Mmmmm….


  3. During Lent, we who are Greek Orthodox essentially have to follow a vegan diet. It would be nice if the Greek restaurants offered more vegetarian options. Perhaps they think their customers don’t want them. They don’t even have to use tofu or that stuff; there are other stand-ins. Diane Kochilas has a great cookbook on the subject, _The Greek Vegetarian_. (I also love her other book, _The Food and Wine of Greece_. She has others, but I haven’t read them yet.)


  4. Just went there yesterday and it’s amazing to taste the baked goodies they have at Aleko’s! And I tasted ALL of them! Home made like I have not tasted in years…WOW!
    And did I mention that they (the owners) are just so hospitable and warm? I understand now why they are already so busy after only being open for one month. I haven’t even tried the real food, only the desserts so far. Any one tasted the non-sweets?


  5. I have been to Aleko’s several times. My husband and kids are hooked. The food is even better than the food we had on the islands in Greece! It’s authentic, FRESH, homemade and so delicious. I am super picky too.

    I had a chance to talk to Joana (she is the owner along with her husband, and chef). They both were so nice and her parents had a Greek restaraunt in D.C. for many years, she grew up int he industry.

    Aside from the food being so flavorful, and amazing, it’s very CLEAN and the owners are extremely nice!!! I will tell everyone about Alekos and I will continue to go there weekly so I get a weeknight off from cooking!!!

    Best of luck Alekos.

    Jen Blake


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