First Saturday

Downtown was hopping tonight with the First Saturday festivities. Thousands of people were in the streets and sidewalks at 8 PM, meandering here and there and admiring the ice sculptures in the streets and taking in some of the attractions. It didn’t hurt that the weather was wonderful! After a quick cocktail at The Tasting Room, we stopped by our friend Bob’s Art exhibit at the Cultural Arts Center (story in the FNP HERE) and then ducked into Griff’s just before the crowds became overwhelming. We grabbed a prime spot at the bar for a “quick” bite (hmm, well it did take over an hour to get our food), then wandered around for a while longer. Here are a couple pix.

Anyone else have a story to tell about their First Saturday?



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  1. well it took me an hour (you read that right) to get out of the parking garage by the library. the streets were gridlocked with traffic like i don’t remember ever seeing in Frederick. I wound up calling the non emergency # for police and was told they had called public works at home to come in and help at the deck. I was worried about tempers flaring at some point, too many folks “trapped” with nowhere to go. Finally was able to get out of the card holders exit, as the PW guy had opened it and collected the $1. not sure how this could have been prevented but with the high temps someone (not sure who) should have realized it would be an unusual situation and opened up the other gate much earlier… I hope the cabin fever crowds translate into a booming night for the businesses downtown.


  2. That’s why I think the Downtown Frederick group needs to consider CLOSING MARKET STREET TO TRAFFIC on first Saturdays (from the creek to about 3rd or 4th). It would alleviate the sidewalk traffic (which was crazy last night!) and it would give it a better block party vibe.

    Think Bourbon street without revelers and what not. πŸ™‚ It would also force people to park farther away and walk, which is a good thing.

    My New Orleans biases are reappearing…


  3. Last night was our first First Saturday and we had a ball! Met up with friends at Patrick’s for drinks, dinner at Qynn’s, walked around to see the ice sculptures; more drinks at Volt’s, and more drinks at Patrick’s! Slept in today. Ugh! Hangover!

    I’m wondering if it would have been less crowded on a snowy or freezing day.


  4. It took me two trips and about 45 minutes total to park in the new deck behind griffs. There was a 45 minute wait @ Black Hog, but we just sat at the bar and grubbed. I don’t know about the retailers, but all the bars and restaurants we went to last night were packed. @syako. That would be an interesting idea, re: closing market. That would cut off that one garage behind brewers though. The others are accessible from other points than market. Maybe they could set-up satellite parking and busses. I wonder if this was an anomaly due to warm temps or will the next First Saturday be this busy?


  5. I hate to ruin a good thing (for me), but we parked in the MARC Train station lot. We were the ONLY car parked there. Of course, I wanted to go there first, but the wife wanted to park closer. So, 45 minutes later and a tour of the Library garage gridlock, we were at the MARC lot. 5 minutes later we were in the “thick” of it with our two dogs, and our friends with their St. Bernard puppy.

    We did have a blast, though!! Great job Frederick!


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  7. The mild temperatures really brought out the crowds–everybody’s got a case of cabin fever.

    Really chilly weather makes a big difference in how many show up, as you might expect.


  8. I was part of a group of 8. We started out at Frederick Cellars to check out Bo Weevil. We then attempted to get dinner around 9pm at Danielle’s or Brewer’s – both had 45 min waits. We ate at 10pm at Brewer’s (which was still PACKED) – luckily our cars were still at Shab Row – so we didnt have the parking issues….


  9. I had a blast. My evening ended at Venus on the Halfshell. My friend Jennifer Stillrich owns it. It is also the building where my late grandmother worked for 40 years. When I walked in she turned on “Love To Love You Baby” and handed out some gin and tonics to us and the the DISCO was on! It was a party in there and I ended up buying a one of a kind belt buckle from the late 70’s early 80s! 101 East Patrick was rocking. Be on the look out for a paranormal investigation story as a team is coming to investigate the building as there is some activity there. It stands on the oldest foundation in the City of Frederick. Jennifer asked me out of the blue, “Did you grandmother where perfume?Because I have smell it in the back”. I told her, “Yes! And only the best!” I told her if my grandmother is checking in just do not get in her way if she is heading to the ladie’s room. she may be chekcing into see who screwed up the books. she ran the L&G Magazine distribution for 40 years there when it was the Blue Ridge News Agency. It closed its doors the day she died… January 11, 1997.


  10. @Guy – the parking deck behind Brewer’s Alley is accessible from Market Street and also from Church Street, so if Market Street were closed, you could still get in and out on Church Street.


  11. Well, they cannot turn each First Saturday Gallery Walk into “In the Streets”, but this particular weekend parking was tough. I found parking in the West Patrick Street deck on the 5th floor…the other decks were full.


  12. Anyone know who the photographer was taking pictures of the ice thrown? We have not received our pictures and I wanted to make they had the correct e-mail address. Thanks!


    • Lou, a good place to start would be the Downtown Frederick Partnership since they are the folks who put together the events, they should have a list of “vendors” for you. HTH


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