Christmas Tree Disposal

I know it’s not even Christmas yet, but the City of Frederick website has a press release out on locations that will be available to drop off Christmas trees to be ground into mulch.

The City of Frederick Christmas Tree Drop Off and Recycling program will begin on Friday, January 2, 2009 and continue through Friday, January 23, 2009. The four drop off points will be:

  • Harry Grove Stadium in the Lower Lot

• Husky Park (Yard 2) – Highland Street
• Max Kehne Park  –  West 7th Street
• Taskers Chance Park – Key Parkway behind Westridge Shopping Center

Each park will have a designated drop off area designated by a sign. Please make sure trees are free of all ornaments, garland, tinsel, lights, and/or tree stands. Please remove any plastic bags from around the trees.

As part of The City of Frederick’s recycling efforts, Christmas trees are collected annually and ground into mulch. This effort has many beneficial results and also conserves space in the landfill.

Mulch is good for:

  • Soil temperature moderation
  • Moisture/water retention
  • Reduction of competition (weeds)
  • Recycling of nutrients through decomposition
  • Conserves City funds through a reduction of purchased mulch

Questions can be directed to the Parks Department at 301.600.1173 or Department of Public Works at 301.600.1440. Please join The City of Frederick to conserve resources and help the environment!

Another thing you can do with your old tree is to donate it to us!  We have two pet goats that love to nibble on them but we have an artificial tree this year which doesn’t do the goats much good at all.  You can email us at and we can pick it up.



0 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Disposal

  1. Thanks to Paula, Eli, Steve and Cheryl for the Christmas trees. Our goats are happy campers! We are still accepting donations if anyone wants to have us pick up their tree, let us know.


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  4. hey liz- what an awesome gesture (to recycle/pick up Christmas trees for your goats)! my mom, who lives in MN, has 3 goats and I can attest via her, that they eat a lot of trees/vegetation. i have fwd your info to my friends in my neighborhood (Dearbought) so hopefully, you won’t get overwhelmed with Christmas trees. 🙂


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