Horn Tooting

There is a nice article in today’s FNP Business section written by Ike Wilson about what it would mean for local biotech businesses if President-Elect Obama rescinds the restrictions on stem cell research.

Most current research and therapeutic applications use adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells, (Jim) Hardy said.

“Although the Bush legislation only affects embryonic stem cell research, it is having an impact on all stem cell research,” he said.

Hardy said Frederick County has some of the largest suppliers of stem cells in the world, including Lonza International Stem Cells, Invitrogen and NCI-Frederick.

“So this suppression of stem cell research hit really hard right here at home,” Hardy said.

For full disclosure purposes, Jim is the Frog half of Lizfrog.  His biotech-blog can be found over in the blogroll on the right.  I’m not sure how many here are interested in local biotech but I thought it was a good article that some here might find interesting.  Hey, I can be a proud wife, right?



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