Turkey Day Out

We are seriously considering going out for Thanksgiving dinner this year. We saw the Brewer’s Alley buffet, but are there any others out there? Any suggestions?



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  1. G. Hunters also has a turkey day menu:


    Slow Cooked Hereford Prime Rib Au Jus
    Roasted Turkey with Kölsch Gravy
    Dorsey’s Honey Ham
    Maple Roasted Canadian Coldwater Salmon with Citrus Butter

    Drunken Port Wine Cranberries
    Haricot Vert & Oyster Mushroom Casserole
    Five Cheese Macaroni Gratin
    Rosemary Whipped Potatoes
    Butternut Squash Risotto
    Fresh Steamed Vegetable Bouquet

    Peel & Eat Shrimp
    Cold Smoked PEI Mussels
    Local Chesapeake Oysters

    *Menu includes non alcoholic beverage, tax and gratuity. $28 per adult, $15 per child age 10 and older.


  2. We found G Hunter’s Thanksgiving buffet two years ago far better than Mealey’s last year. Mealey’s (my sister’s choice) served a huge buffet, but G Hunter’s quality was outstanding.

    Other G Hunter plusses: Easy access. E-Z free parking. Nice, non-defeaning ambiance. And a great view of the golf course.


  3. I haven’t done the G. Hunter’s Thanksgiving buffet but, in general, my wife and I are huge fans of their menu. I can’t see you going wrong there.


  4. I got part of that wrong. G Hunter’s didn’t have a buffet. They serve a Thanksgiving dinner. Mealey’s had the buffet, and it just didn’t wow me.


  5. Going out to dinner on holidays is verboten around our house. Even a normal restaurants have too many people, too loud, over stressed help etc. etc.. Holidays are worse. Maybe it’s because I spent a number of holidays working in a restaurant when I was in high school (the Blue and Grey room at the old Francis Scott Key Hotel, pretty much the high end restaurant in Fredneck in it’s day) It is also difficult to visit with family in a restaurant. However, to each their own. Does look like a nice menu at G. Hunters though. However living downtown, and because I enjoy there food, if I was going out it I would likely head for Brewer’s Alley, their menu looks great.


  6. I worked at Brewers and I would never recommend anyone eat there. The kitchen is absolutely filthy and I left shortly after arriving. I know of several people who have gotten food poisoning from there.


  7. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with G Hunters in any way.

    Denman, our experience at G Hunters was exceptional. We arrived at 2 to 2:30 p.m., when few of the tables were taken. It was serene inside and beautiful outside the oversized windows.

    Our turkey was moist and flavorful, which isn’t easy to pull off. Great food, ample servings, and excellent waiters made for a memorable afternoon. Mealey’s, by contrast, wasn’t that great. Not bad, just not a good value.

    Were we eating out this Thanksgiving, G Hunters would be our #1 choice in Frederick County.


  8. If you don’t mind driving to Old Town Alexandria I highly recommend Bastille’s prix fixe Thanksgiving dinner (details below). This is my favorite restaurant in the MD-DC-VA-WV area. Yes, it is a bit of a drive from where I live in Westminster, but it is ALWAYS worth it. I eat there as often as possible when I am in that area. I just had a marvelous brunch there last Sunday, and I have reservations for Thanksgiving. It is a terrific bargain at $49. Among the niceties you can expect are wine offerings by the glass and the half-glass…PERFECT for a multi-course dinner!
    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thursday, November 27th 2008
    Served from 5:00 to 9:30

    Dinner prix fixe: $49
    (Taxes & gratuities not included)

    Soup or salad
    Roasted Butternut squash chowder
    with crispy onions and pancetta

    Goat cheese cromesqui, baby frisee, dates,
    Toasted hazelnuts, pancetta vinaigrette

    Truffled duck liver mousse on “Pain d’Epices”, Honey-spiced bread
    Baby spinach, balsamic vinaigrette

    Roasted Guinea Hen, cranberry chutney, Sage-Chestnut stuffing,
    Sweet potato gratin, sautéed greens

    Grass-Fed Beef Filet-Mignon, Long pepper sauce, cranberry chutney
    Celeriac-parsnip puree, wild mushrooms and organic carrots

    Pan-roasted Halibut filet, Tarragon-mushroom cream sauce
    Green lentils and baby carrots

    Vegetarian options upon requests

    *Optional Cheese Course: (Add $12)
    Trio of Artisanal cheeses with house made condiments
    (If you wish to have cheese instead of dessert, add $5)

    Pumpkin Napoleon

    Apple strudel

    Warm Valrhona Manjari chocolate Truffle cake

    Chef / Owners Christophe & Michelle Poteaux
    1201 N. Royal Street, Alexandria, VA 22315 – Tel: 703-519-3776


  9. While I won’t claim that Cracked Claw’s food matched up to the sophistication of the menu at, say, G. Hunters (but we’re also talking $20 vs. $49) , nonetheless we found it tasty buffet fare and a great value.

    The buffet included more items than were listed on the already lengthy menu. My only complaint was with the turkey (I know, what should have been the “centerpiece” of the whole spread), which I found somewhat tough and hard to cut (wondered if it may have been a bit undercooked). BUT the chicken, fish, beef, ham, pasta, etc., provided plenty of satisfying alternatives.


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    • I was hoping there would be a few suggestions here for ready-made Thanksgiving meals, or restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner (I’m aware of Brewer’s Alley, but beyond that?). I, too, don’t know what to make of the fact that so many places mentioned here in the past no longer exist.


      • We were at LJs in Hagerstown for dinner last week and they had a flyer announcing take-out Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t have the particulars and they haven’t posted them to their web-site yet. Their food is very good. If interested, you may want to give them a call – (301) 739-7990.



  11. If you are looking to order a “traditional” Thanksgiving meal to bring home and serve, I would suggest you try Bob Evans! The food is good and the price is reasonable. My family and I have order their “Farmer’s Feast” for the past 2 years and were very pleased.


  12. Anyone still looking might want to check into Mimi’s in Westview Promonade on rt.85.
    They have a 3 course menu for **15.99, children 8.99**and their food is MUCH better then Bob Evans (even though they are owneb by them!) We’ve gone there for several holiday meals as I’m not well enough to shop and cook for holiday meals any more. These meals are large enough to bring leftovers home with home made bread and desserts!

    In addition to the lovely Thanksgiving menu, they also have wine by the bottle or glass and espresso bar.

    I enjoy the decor that is french with each of the 3 dining rooms having slightly different lighting and design. But each is lovely. We have never been displeased!



    FREDERICK, MD 21704


    (301) 228-2633


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