Dinner Theater in Frederick

Although my friend left a goofy comment (he must have been bored at work) in an earlier post this morning, I think the question he asked about dinner theaters in Frederick is one that some people may want an answer to.

The only dinner theater that I know of in Frederick is the Way Off Broadway Dinner Theater off the Golden Mile at 5 Willowdale Drive.  Currently on stage now through November 8th is Thouroughly Modern Millie.  Their 2009 schedule is on the website as well.  I’ve been there a few times when my daughter was involved in musical theater but it’s been a few years.

Anyone know of any other dinner theaters in the vicinity?

I’ve also learned that the Inn at Buckeystown does monthly Murder Mysteries.

The Walkersville Southern Railroad also does the mystery train dinner about twice a month.

Feel free to leave a comment if you know of any other dinner theater options.



0 thoughts on “Dinner Theater in Frederick

  1. We saw “Millie” at Way off Broadway Sat night. It is really good! I have seen 6 or 7 shows there and this was by far the best one that I have seen.

    We also like Tobys Dinner Theatre in Columbia MD.


  2. Here’s the website for the Olney Theater:

    And there’s a dinner theater in Hagerstown called the Washington County Playhouse. Here’s some info on the theater:
    And the address and phone number.

    There’s something a little weird going on with their website because it doesn’t seem to load right but here’s their schedule for upcoming shows. I can’t find anything about the dinner part of the theater.



  3. The Murder Mystery theater at the Buckeye’s Town Inn looks to be worth a visit. I have e-mailed them requesting the next date for this event. It’s $65.oo per person, BYOB with a $5.00 cork charge.


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