Il Forno Expanding

Il Forno, who some believe has the best pizza in Frederick is expanding it’s space in the Westridge Shopping Center on the Golden Mile.  I’ve always enjoyed the pizza from the wood burning oven there but truthfully don’t get out to the Golden Mile all that often anymore.  Now that the dining room will be expanded and more comfortable, I may have to change that.  From the Gazette:

Something good is getting even better!

Everything and everyone at Il Forno Pizzeria on West Patrick Street is in a state of flux while they expand their popular restaurant.

The pizzeria was started, about 19 years ago, by the father of one of the present owners. Today, John Perrin and two of his college fraternity brothers, Dave and Mike, are the men in charge.

These friendly guys are running a well-oiled business. And they are adding more space, as they have recently incorporated the old theater entrance in the Westridge Shopping Center into the current restaurant, allowing for a larger and more pleasant dining area.

There will soon be eight to ten flat-screen televisions, Sunday sports, and late night food and drink. John said there are only a few places on the Golden Mile that offer food and drink after 10 p.m. Il Forno’s intends to provide that service.

A large, recently expanded patio out front is surrounded by ivory wrought iron and seats about 70 people.



0 thoughts on “Il Forno Expanding

  1. A late reply to the inquiry about wood-fired oven pizzas. Laurienzo’s Brick Oven Cafe in Mt. Airy is worth checking out. We had a very good 12-inch pizza with a thinnish, almost crisp, flavorful crust as you’d expect from a wood-fired oven, layered with roma tomatoes and roasted red peppers (yum). Plus MD crab soup (not thick with vegetables, but good crab flavor and not too salty). We also ordered the parmesan asparagus appetizer and can’t recommend it enough. I was afraid the asparagus might be breaded/deep fried–but no, it’s steamed to perfection in a very light, parmesan-flavored clear sauce that enhances the taste of the fresh asparagus.


  2. Ryan, Editor–

    Forgot to mention Laurienzo’s renovation following that serious 2007 fire. Agree it’s very nice, with that same dark-wood “classy-casual” ambiance of the pre-fire Laurienzo’s.

    While we liked the wood-fired pizza, it would be even better if they offered a few more “veggie” toppings (broccoli, pineapple, etc.). and even shrimp. I agree that Laurienzo’s prices could be viewed as a little high, especially when compared with the undistinguished pizza/sub shops all around us. But, considering the food (a bit more ambitious and generally of better quality) and atmosphere, I don’t feel most of the prices are out of line.


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