More Public Art:Mosaic Tiles

A couple weeks ago, Jim and I went to the Green Turtle downtown to watch the Redskins/Cowboys game.   I mention this because that day, I didn’t notice all the beautiful mosaic tiles set into the walkway between Court Street and Market Street.  Then on Sunday, I went for a walk downtown with RandomAnna and was pleasantly surprised by all the tiles, which are very beautiful.  The City of Frederick has the explanation for the art project on it’s website.

The City of Frederick is pleased to announce that another public art project has been completed and is available for the public to enjoy. Twenty-four beautiful tile mosaics in varying sizes have been installed along a path of blue stone and brick in Carroll Creek Park between Court Street and Market Street. Artist Deirdre Saunder, of Bethesda, Maryland, modeled the designs after water, given the location next to Carroll Creek. Having done a large portion of her other public art projects in mosaics, Ms. Saunder felt the medium lent itself well to the Frederick project, “…Mosaics afford the artist the ability to use color, the freedom to design intricately or boldly and most important, are virtually maintenance free, graffiti proof, frost-free and durable.”



0 thoughts on “More Public Art:Mosaic Tiles

  1. Thanks for alerting us to this latest enhancement to Carroll Creek Park. To my mind, this represents a particularly good example of a public arts project with lasting appeal for everyone. I love little touches like this that enrich everyday life and add to the distinction of our community.


  2. Are there any Dinner Theaters here in Frederick? I just moved here from abroad and find this area utterly boring! I’d like to find a restaurant that would stimulate both my love of the theater as well as my taste buds. Have you any suggestions?
    I understand you are goat herders? I’m repulsed by this! Have you thought of perhaps preparing one of the beasts with a nice glaze sauce?


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