When is Enough enough?

I was flipping through channels tonight and saw a most amazing story on Fox5 on their 10 o’clock news broadcast. According to a story on their web site:

A group of women in Frederick, Maryland say they got booted out of an All You Can Eat restaurant.
They say they were denied more food because of their size.

The seven women say they paid 30 bucks a piece for an All You Can Eat Crab Legs dinner at Barley and Hops.

But before they could get all they wanted to eat, they say the manager put the brakes on service.

The women had 64 orders of crab legs.

Wow. To be honest, I can’t eat one order of crab legs (since I have an allergy to “crabs” including shrimp. lobster, crayfish and any other crustacean) let alone 64/7 = more than 9 orders per person.

I’d recommend watching the full video coverage on the link (sidebar), but I am not able to link to it here.

So this begs the question:  What’s your favorite AYCE venue in Frederick?  These ladies are obviously going to need help finding a new establishment.



0 thoughts on “When is Enough enough?

  1. Have they tapped out Golden Corral yet? I’d like to know what their feeding schedule is so I can make sure I’m not there on the same day.

    And I could make some comment about us Americans and our over-consumptive habits but, man, I’m too stunned. 9 orders per person???!


  2. I saw that story last night and can’t believe FOX came all the way to Frederick for a story about someone being under-served after 9 orders of legs, the news business must be slow.

    AYCE needs to be defined in some cases. I couldn’t eat that much of one thing without feeling sick. Just think of how much butter they consumed… UUGH! Watch out arteries…

    Don’t know of too many AYCE places in Frederick but would have to say my favorite AYCE food is steamed crabs and shrimp. Not big on the king legs.


  3. I went to Barley and Hops for AYCE for their rack of ribs. I didn’t even finish the one I got and my husband ate 1-1/2 racks. My preference is steamed crabs, which I love, and have once every other year or so. Too expensive now.


  4. May’s and Liberty Road are the 2 places I think of when it comes to AYCE…

    Now, I can put down some steamed crabs, but 9 orders of crab legs is a bit much even for me.


  5. I am sitting at B&H watching the video with some people at the bar (they also have free WiFi along with AYCE crab legs). I have confirmed with the “server” (who shall remain anonymous) that this table consumed 64 double orders = 128 “clusters” of 5 crab legs a piece.

    Yikes, if that’s not worth $30, at least they got their moment of fame.


  6. Most restaurants do reserve the right to stop serving someone. These ladies are just plain greedy and gluttons. And as to being not served because of their size? Get real. These ladies are not that large.

    At least they have given the place some publicity. And their faces are now known to all of the all you can eat places in the area.


  7. Two thoughts:

    1. Great free publicity for Barley & Hops–I for one wasn’t aware of their AYCE Seafood Feast night.

    2. NOT saying greed & gluttony wasn’t at work here, but nine orders by one person may not be quite as outrageous as it sounds. I’ve been served some relatively skimpy orders of snow crab legs (in terms of meat actually in the shell, and size/amount of legs in the serving) in AYCE settings. On such occasions, it didn’t seem outrageous when a few in my party asked for 6 or 7 orders of legs. (I can only recall asking for 3 orders of AYCE snow crab legs–at most. But then again, I accompany the seafood with ample side dishes such as baked potato, corn on the cob, and cole slaw.)


    • At Barley and Hopps, the crab legs are these small little pieces of crap. 9 orders may be a bit much, but it isn’t like these are alaskan king crablegs or even close.


  8. But I would like to re-state what Jim said. .

    They weren’t just getting single orders (1 cluster) of legs, they ordered 64 DOUBLE orders of legs. . .

    Aka: 128 clusters; 640 legs. . .


  9. I’m probably a horrible person, but this news cast made me crack up. Not so much for the people or the content, but that 5 actually covered it. Great find Liz.


  10. Here come the word police again!

    “So this begs the question: What’s your favorite AYCE venue in Frederick?”

    “Begs the question” does NOT — despite how it has been manipulated and badly used by news media types and politicians who think they are speaking intelligently or creatively — mean “raises the question”.

    “Begs the question” is a phrase that “refers to a certain fallacy in syllogistic argument where the very thing you are trying to prove (your conclusion) is presupposed in the supporting argument (your premises)”. In other words, it does not raise questions about a subject…it points out where questions have not been answered.

    To “beg the question” is to leave something unanswered or unproven — especially in a syllogism.

    For instance, if you say “capital punishment is murder” you have begged the question of the morality involved with different types of killing; in other words, you did NOT ANSWER the question about the morality of different types of killing.

    “Beg” in this instance is used much the same way as in the phrases “beggars belief” or “beggars description”. That is, it means refusing belief or description or to be beyond the resources of belief or description.


  11. One last rant from me then I’ll leave it alone.

    I wrote this post after seeing it on Fox5 news Thursday night. I am Science guy, whilst Liz is much more competent when it comes to composition of grammatical syllogisms. So if the “word police” need a perp, come for me. Just don’t taze me, Doe!

    BTW BabyDoe, was it irony that in your reply you left the question unanswered or did you merely intend to berate my use of the Queens English?

    Since I go to B&H a few times a week to enjoy a pint (or two) of Annapolis Rocks Pale Ale, I have learned a few other things about what actually happened on Wednesday night.
    1. No one else that evening was taking advantage of the AYCE crab legs, so the accusation that “other tables were being served” was false.
    2. The woman with the cropped blond hair didn’t even eat crabs legs, instead choosing a Philly Steak & Cheese sammich. She had “no beef”, sarcastically. A Jerry Springer moment, perhaps.
    3. B&H has received so many calls about their AYCE Crabs on Wednesday, they’re bringing in extra staff this week. If you’re going, I would recommend calling ahead, or passing your time at the bar enjoying a hand-crafted beer while you wait.
    4. In doing some quick scans at other local places (Mays, Cracked Claw, Liberty Road), I think $30 is the best price for Snow Crab legs in town.



  12. 1.) As far as AYCE establishments, we like Golden Corral and City Buffet on the Golden Mile.

    2.) Perhaps they were thrown out because it was closing time? Does anyone remember the Chesapeake Bay Seafood House? My uncle sat there once and ate and ate until they closed (he had a bottomless pit for a stomach and never seemed to gain any weight).

    3.) We went to Barley & Hops for the AYCE ribs and could barely get through two plates. They put too much beer in everything. My kids took one taste of their food and said blech, it tastes like alcohol!


  13. It wasn’t just 64 orders. Per the restaurant manager, it was 64 re-orders, after they already had the first 7 orders. That’s 71 orders, more than 10 orders each. Nuts! They got their money’s worth and then some. Not to mention how inconsiderate they were of everyone else at the restaurant for crab legs.


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